We made a podcast


Thank you all!

I am in way too deep now with the costume making to be anything other than Navarr. Of course, I’m also really looking forward to playing that nation in its own right. It all looks very cool.


Very enjoyable podcast, makes me want to revisit my own podcast plans. Funny, insightful and oh-so-relatable, especially the healer-game.


Aww thanks Anthony. The reception has been amazing. We were pretty nervous putting it out. We are heading to E3 in a couple of weeks. So much more to learn and experience!


Hiya Anthony, thank you so much! (Ian here from the podcast)

I’m so pleased you found the medic game insights fun. I had a great time playing as a medic, despite not really having a clue what I was doing, and I can’t wait to jumping back in to it at E3!


E3 is done, cmon guys chop chop waiting for content here ^^


Indeed. I did hunt around for the Ashbourne in play (I was going to sell you cake!) but couldn’t find you…


Ha! We are recording Monday then hopefully recording intros and outros later in the week. Then I need to pull my finger out and edit the whole thing. No promises as Im working a lot but hoooooooopefully within the next couple of weeks!


Ah man shame! We were running around a bunch… Do you mind if I mention you by name in the podcast? Its relevant to some of the things that happened.


As you wish… :stuck_out_tongue:


Huzzah! I actually had a day off! I’ve upload the first two for E3. Two more to follow. Hopefully will be out in the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your support guys!


I have listened to your latest ones :slight_smile:

You mention the hype between events: All the things you watch, kitmaking, frothing… you do realise that these podcasts you make are now part of the inter-event hype? That people go “I have Keen and want to go play Empire!” by listening to you two froth… :slight_smile:

Dawn: “You see a Dawnish shieldwall, you can be sure that that’s going to Hold. And maybe advance too much…”
Yeah, that’s us :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forwards to Ivan finally getting onto a skirmish!

More! More!


Right all done! Thanks again for your patience. Hope you enjoy it. See you at E4!


Thanks for uploading them!

I’ve listened to the prelarp and the first part today, will give the other two a listen tomorrow ^^