We made a podcast


Thank you all!

I am in way too deep now with the costume making to be anything other than Navarr. Of course, I’m also really looking forward to playing that nation in its own right. It all looks very cool.


Very enjoyable podcast, makes me want to revisit my own podcast plans. Funny, insightful and oh-so-relatable, especially the healer-game.


Aww thanks Anthony. The reception has been amazing. We were pretty nervous putting it out. We are heading to E3 in a couple of weeks. So much more to learn and experience!


Hiya Anthony, thank you so much! (Ian here from the podcast)

I’m so pleased you found the medic game insights fun. I had a great time playing as a medic, despite not really having a clue what I was doing, and I can’t wait to jumping back in to it at E3!


E3 is done, cmon guys chop chop waiting for content here ^^


Indeed. I did hunt around for the Ashbourne in play (I was going to sell you cake!) but couldn’t find you…


Ha! We are recording Monday then hopefully recording intros and outros later in the week. Then I need to pull my finger out and edit the whole thing. No promises as Im working a lot but hoooooooopefully within the next couple of weeks!


Ah man shame! We were running around a bunch… Do you mind if I mention you by name in the podcast? Its relevant to some of the things that happened.


As you wish… :stuck_out_tongue:


Huzzah! I actually had a day off! I’ve upload the first two for E3. Two more to follow. Hopefully will be out in the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your support guys!


I have listened to your latest ones :slight_smile:

You mention the hype between events: All the things you watch, kitmaking, frothing… you do realise that these podcasts you make are now part of the inter-event hype? That people go “I have Keen and want to go play Empire!” by listening to you two froth… :slight_smile:

Dawn: “You see a Dawnish shieldwall, you can be sure that that’s going to Hold. And maybe advance too much…”
Yeah, that’s us :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forwards to Ivan finally getting onto a skirmish!

More! More!


Right all done! Thanks again for your patience. Hope you enjoy it. See you at E4!


Thanks for uploading them!

I’ve listened to the prelarp and the first part today, will give the other two a listen tomorrow ^^


Hi guys. I’ve just finished listening, good stuff!

Thanks for the shout-out, I hope your knee doesn’t give out on you at E4 as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

That monstering battle… I was there in Fort Three! Hold fast Jotun!
I agree about the rain. “This? Pff… atmospheric. Nothing to worry about…”
I also caught the Marcher faire… and sold them many cakes…

That Black Plateau battle… aw man, the night before, Dawn had recieved the rumour that half of Navarr had turned on the other half, and that none of you would be coming. Apparently the same rumour went out about Dawn… rumour mill, it works fast doesn’t it… We were glad to see the Navarri column stepping out to join in though…

Thinking about it, that sort of rumour could have been entirely IC and generated by the plot team… Courtesy of the Eater of Hope: You all feel abandoned, Your allies have deserted you. You are alone, in the drizzle, with horror before and desolation behind, and despair yawning n your minds like a black pit…

Lovely metaphor used for falling in battle, with the lines washing over you like a tide, leaving you high and dry and dying as they receded, and then returned. You realise that that makes you a fish though… :stuck_out_tongue:

When the Eater of Hope went down, and Ivan was sticking his blade in, I was the Dawnish healer in black and gold trying to physick the sod so he didn’t die too quickly…

Anyway, I have enjoyed listening to you two ramble on, and will have (another) go at finding the Ashbourne IC at E4!


Have been listening to these the last few nights at work, have been really enjoying them!

I think one of the best things about Larp in general is that there are so many different perspectives on the same events and although we saw the same things (I was about for the Orc story Saturday evening, fought against the Jotun Saturday battle) it’s great to hear different view points on them or how it was for different people to experience it.

Looking forward to more next time! If you want a tour of WM sometime give me a shout, can be found at Byrchenhal (Gold tree on a green field)


Hiya geoffrey!

Ian/Talis off the podcast here. So pleased you have been enjoying the episodes, its so much fun putting them all together and knowing that its well recieved is crazy, awesome and humbling all at once!

The hold you guys did in fort 3 was epic! I so wish I could had been there and had not died my comical stranded death outside. We were all waiting for you in stage 2 and progressively everyone was getting more and more amazed by just the sheer length of time you all withstood what must have been intense pressure.

The Marcher camp was a real highlight of our tour around the nations, everyone was so friendly and we probably could have waxed on about the general quality of the RP and ambience much longer.

The Black Plateau battle was awesome. It was very brief, but if you are who I think I remember, then I actually think I checked in with you as you were working on the eater of hope. You had everything in hand so I stood guard with my bow for a bit before rejoining the healers. Great work by you!

Anyway, awesome to hear from you again and do pop round IC if you get the chance! :slight_smile:


Hiya BazRavish, Ian/Talis here.

Really please you have been enjoying them, its so awesome to hear what you all think and knowing you like it is amazing and awesome all at the same time. Thank you!

I totally agree with you about the different perspectives, Even now me and Dave/Ifan still talk about all the different things we picked up, saw and experienced. Its amazing how your first person perspective of it all bleeds into the much wider world that is turning around you on the field in so many awesome ways.

We pop by Winter Mark all the time so I’ll certainly try to remember to keep my eyes open. Also feel free to drop by Navarr and look out for a burning black tree on a white circle - or the most noobish people you can find (that will probably be us - it is in the name after all)!


Howdy folks! I mentioned at the end of the last episode that I was thinking about getting some listeners involved in recording their thoughts of E4. Maybe 20 seconds each. I’m trying to work out an easy way for people to record and then get the recordings to us. I made a post on our FB page if you have any ideas or want to get involved. Thanks again for listening guys and being ever supportive. It’s awesome. Not long now till E4!


Hello everyone! E4 was fantastic. I get the feeling a lot of people had a great weekend. We are hopefully recording next week but as per usual might take some time to get all the recording/editing done. On that note do you have any intro/outro suggests? Places or things that you think would be fun? No guarantees I’ll use them but I’d love to hear your ideas! Cheers!


“As sponsored by the Kaiser Sausage Emporium, The Most Reasonable Lengths of Meat in Holburg, and now the Empire!”

Just a suggestion…
(ps, There are many more sausage based puns and innuendo available)