We made a podcast


Credit to whoever is doing your little snippets at the start and end of the podcasts… I’m actually looking forwards to the adventures of Loquiacious of Sarvos and his new buddy The Listener… (as I think of them).

Oo, see if you can mention the competition you went on vs Dawn for the herbal sinecure… I think it was a scavenger hunt on Saturday afternoon?


Yeah no spoilers but we got our asses handed to us and a weird slightly over zealous player interaction. It was fun though. Great seeing you Geoffery. Definitely a highlight for us!


“Sponsored by best cake in Wintermark, the Golden Dew Cheesecake!”

On a serious note, really loved the bessie song sung in brass coast I think on saturday night, if the people can be arsed to come together and record it it was quite epic ^^


I have to say that you inspired me to try a podcast and I now have a whole new respect for the work that goes into it.


Ha aww thanks Anthony. Getting something decent to record on was a pain (Tascam DR-05) and I’m still getting to grips with the audio editing but apart from that it’s good fun. Podbean was really easy to set up. Obviously once you push the record button it can be tough to relax but it’s getting easier. If you want any advice just holla but bare in mind I’m just as noobish with podcasts as I am with LARP.


Sooo… E4 podcasts?

Fans are awaiting more content and (mis)adventures…


Bless your heart Geoffrey! We have recorded the main talky bits of the podcast. I’m in the process of writing out the intro/outro and hopefully bungle and me will get it recorded soon. I’ve actually been up north recording a little surprise…


Listened to the first two bits.

Crafting stuff is indeed a popular thing to do between events. I painted mage armour…

Those skirmishes Friday night were brutal, and massively oversubscribed. As with the Saturday ones, there would be 60 folk there for a 15 person skirmish… :stuck_out_tongue:

The IC canteen is Skian Moreish, named and next to the weapons/costume shop Skian Mhor.

At 5 Rings a drink, that’s 4 drinks per Crown, 32 a Throne, 320 for 10 Thrones, 1280 for 40 Thrones…

Glad to hear the mages/priests have been buffing your RPM, and looking forwards to hearing what about Dawn left you with with “complicated opinions” (which is perfectly normal, we’re a crazy bunch).

BTW, apart from quick spells (such as SHATTER), the lasting effects that some mages throw out are rituals. The lasting blessings of the priests are anointing, in the name of a virtue. So that imbuing with Ambition was a priest anointing.

I got anointed to Loyalty that event, they’re great opportunities for RP, aren’t they :slight_smile:

Listening to the Saturday afternoon ephisode and grinning like a loon. Glad to see I made an impression. :smiley:

The Sunday battle. That fort was a right pain :stuck_out_tongue: Two front doors full of Dawn and Navarr in the side, a real pain to take. Ritualists were almost abandoned, but two Houses (Tallstag and de Minos) stayed to guard them. The ritualists completed the objective ritual, and the bonus ritual, and turned on the trods in the area as well!

Yeah, Dawn doesn’t like retreating. :slight_smile: I got shot in the last minute or so, and got thrown through the portal. One of my Housemates twisted his ankle on the way out and the Druj got him, with only his blood-stained visor thrown back through the portal…:stuck_out_tongue:

Solo players: It can be done, it’s damn hard.
Family groups: I currently bring my wife and child along, playing… my wife and child. My son has the annoying gamer habit of naming all his characters after himself. But he’s 4 years old, so I’ll let him off!


I died on the first night skirmish of the Friday. That was a brutal fight.


Hi everyone, all the episodes for E4 are now up. Thanks again for all the support. See you at E1!


A little Halloween treat for everyone. I was lucky enough to sit down with Matt P and Graeme Jamieson from PD.


Thank you, downloaded, listened twice (it was a long soggy day), detailed reply on the FB page…


i loves these podscast.


Thanks for listening dude! Glad you are enjoying them. Going to suck waiting till E1 :frowning:


Player events! Crafting stuff! Other systems! Writing fanfic!


It’s been a very rough year financially but I’m looking into all of the above… except writing fanfic :smile:


Make use of it to push your kit up. My plan includes fancy trousers and brewing beer.