Weapon Cores

What are the rules in relation to core thickness, and foam thickness on weapons? Or at least some guidelines?

I had been looking into crafting myself a few items and I only saw “not too x” and “thick enough”, with other such vagueities

Less than helpfully, there are no hard and fast rules.

The rules on core and foam thickness boil down to “is your weapon too whippy, too stiff, too solid, or too thinly padded?”

My personal guideline is 6mm fibreglass for daggers, 8mm carbon or 10mm fibreglass (or 12x8 bar) for shortswords up to 36"ish, 10mm carbon for swords up to 42" (48" at a push), you can use 12mm fibreglass at this length but the sword will be heavy, and then slowly scaling up. I’ve done a 5ft axe on 12mm carbon tube that was great, an a 7ft spear on 16mm carbon tube, although tube means you have a higher chance of contained catastrophic failure.

Similar apply for padding - the old guideline is at least 12mm on striking surfaces and 6mm elsewhere, and is a good one to start with, but you can go more minimal on a dagger. Be careful about building overly massive hammer heads etc from closed-cell foam, as they’ll hit like absolute bricks, and thus fail weapons check.

Edit: Just for clarity, I’m not a weapons checker at PD games. I have made some weapons, they tend to pass. Consult with a professional before use, etc.

Fair enough, I’ll have to make sure to invest in some common sense while at this then

Were I making a short foil foil, would I essentially be looking at a 1.3" diameter blade inclusive of core and 12mm on all sides?

[quote=“Ferrero”]Fair enough, I’ll have to make sure to invest in some common sense while at this then

Were I making a short foil foil, would I essentially be looking at a 1.3" diameter blade inclusive of core and 12mm on all sides?[/quote]

A good starting point for a swordblade is a three layer sandwich - the middle layer hte thickness of your core (e.g. 8mm if you’re using a piece of 8mm carbon as core) and the outer two 6mm each. Then cut bevels etc into it.

If you want a rod, then it will tend to be chunkier, yes.

Also not a PD weapons checker, but have done that role elsewhere - I’d second Tea’s comments here as good guidance to work with.

Personally for my kit I tend to avoid carbon and prefer fibreglass because I like a bit of weight to my weapons and feel safer using them - but that is me. Both are perfectly suitable for weapon cores of course :smiley:

Also with regard to flails, have rules been explicitly laid out anywheres? I know there was the shaft, single link, flail head on site; but I was thinking of doing something like a ball and chain style flail with a 2’ haft, three 4" links; keeping it short and thick enough not to be out of control.

I suspect, however, this would be way off even with the DROP FLAIL ON CATCHING rules and whatnot~

I’d like some more guidance on this one, if possible. I’m helping make some kids’ “wooden” style weapons (axes, I think, mostly, rather than swords), for a 5- and 7-year-old, and would like some guidance as to how much foam is needed on striking / non-striking surfaces. They will be pretty short weapons (under 45cm I reckon). I have plastazote in 6mm and 8mm.

I remember seeing a ball-on-a-chain something vaguely like your idea in use IC, but I forget the details. In your position I would email PD.

Just out of curiosity: for the “foil” you mentioned, do you mean something that’s IC blunt and safe for sparring or sport?

I’d talk to Sean Maguire if you want detail as I know he can probably go into more depth on the engineering he put into the wooden practice swords he sells through Skian Mhor. They have noticeably more (or softer) padding so they’re more forgiving for enthusiastic youngsters and I expect might have extra reinforcement on the tips to allow for some accidental or absent minded leaning of weapons on the ground.

I was hoping for official guidance from a weapon-checker or rules person… I guess I may just email PD, but I figured that since other people had asked and not been answered, it’d be worth them saying something publicly.

Official answers have to be on the wiki or by email. This place is a theoretical hotbed of deception.

I read that as a theoretical hotbed of Decepticons.

Are you Soundwave? :wink:

Ian it really depends on which of the refs reads the forums, I don’t believe Chalkie or the other weapons checkers are regulars here so you’re best off emailing to get a call on that.

But please do report back and post what the call was so other folk can have a read of it in the future :slight_smile:.

I heard back, but I don’t have much to go on – they seem to prefer to have their weapon checkers decide on a case-by-case basis rather than make specific rulings about foam thickness.


I’m neither a ref, or weapon checker, but if you’re after general weapon guidelines then I’d suggest that if you followed the principles for the LT system you shouldn’t go far wrong: