Weapon fails - beware

I have contacted PD regarding some weapons checks issues I encountered, after speaking to a few people at E1 I was not the only person, please see below


I would like to share my observations from E1 with regards to weapons checks

I took a bag of about 16 weapons to be checked on the Friday (for our group), I was somewhat surprised when 4 where banned for safety.

2 of the Viking swords (Brand new) made by Epic Armoury failed on the guard and pommels being too hard

Larp Viking Raider Sword - LARP Warriors 1

An 18" LARP safe wand (Brand new) made by Medlock Armoury was also failed becuase of the pommel being too hard


A long stab safe spear (bought and used at Empire on 2 occasions) banned for hard back end.

Now not to moan too much but its 30 years since I started LARP and these decisions amazed me. I believe this needs looking at, the weapon handles are softer than the steel gauntlets wielding them and the metal armour people get hit with in the course of battle.

I understand that safety is paramount but I believe that the checks to single handed weapons is too rigorous at the moment. In the short term I would suggest that you add an advisory note to your website advising people to buy at the event but in the longer term I believe you should carry out (if not already done) a risk assessment which looks at both potentiality as well as consequence.

It was important to me to look and feel the part when arriving at Empire and I was left very disappointed to find out that brand new professionally made weapons were not suitable for your event.

Thank you for affording your players the opportunity to feedback issues such as this



As you’ve said the best thing to have done here is get in contact with PD directly by email. You won’t get an official response from PD on the forum as we’re volunteers and don’t have anything to do with running the game or doing weapons check. Thanks.


I think you’d be entitled to a refund from the seller of a new weapon that failed safety-check: the law (I think it’s the Sale of Goods Act) says that things sold by a business have to be

  • Fit for the purpose for which they are sold
  • Of merchantable quality
  • As described

so in this case it looks as if they fail at least one of the first two requirements (at least according to the PD weapons-safety checkers).

Each larp has its own requirements to produce a fully larp proof product would neigh impossible. The general market is targeted the to standard requirements of systems in America. So from a legal standard point the retailer has met their obligations it is up to the customer to determine if the product is fit for purpose for their exact application.

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I’m pretty sure that LARP in the USA has insignificant influence on how things are done in this country.

Anyone selling a LARP weapon in the UK is obviously selling it for use in UK LARP. Safety standards for such weapons have long been pretty similar across different UK organisations, but anyway, PD has been one of the big three in this country for over ten years now, and I think is now the biggest.

Also, if the buyer says it’s for Empire, then it’s being sold specifically for use at Empire.

Anyway, I imagine most sellers would give a refund without a court case being necessary. The respectable ones make an explicit guarantee about this.

(noob talking)

To me its not obvious why its important to have soft pommels. My understanding is that we’re not allowed to hit people with the pomels (which makes sense as, in many cases, they are dangerously close to steel armored hands) - and in fact in the kind of combat that I imagine goes on at empire (i.e. rows of people facing off) pommel strikes would be a stupid idea.

It’s a safety thing. You won’t aim with the pommel, but you may get shoved and clock some one. And not everyone uses gauntlets.

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