Weapon rules please help swords and bows


So i’ve been looking at empire and i am interested in trying it, but there are things im not clear on.

weapons, i’ve looked at the wiki page on weapons and armour but i still have questions.

How strict are the classification between one handed and two handed weapons? i know they state a length range but what if the weapon is right on the edge e.g 42" long?

Also arrows, i know they need to have the flat safety head, but when you fire them do you have to collect them yourself after the battle? or only during battle? or name them then they are returned to you afterwards? or is it once there gone they are gone?

I say this because i kind of want to be an adventurer style/skirmisher who used a shortbow and a light 2h longsword.

Thank you to anyone who responds.

A two-handed weapon is over 42", so a weapon exactly 42" is one-handed.

Arrows in battles can get chaotic. Generally most archers start off with their own and then pick up arrows as they go. If you can recover your own, then good, but sometimes it’s not possible due to battlelines. Post-battle a bin appears in the GOD tent full of recovered arrows and you go and retrieve yours. Mark your arrows with a unique symbol!
I have archer friends who do liken archery to firing £10 notes though, as sometimes your arrows never come back.

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Both of the previous answers are accurate.

During a battle, arrows are largely scavenged. Note that you’ll need to safety check each arrow you pick up, every time, before you nock and shoot it.

Weapons are one or the other. However, there’s nothing which stops you wielding a 40" sword (for example) in two hands - it just counts as a one-handed weapon, and so can’t be used as a crafted two-handed weapon or with the mortal blow skill.

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Thank you tea and thresher, this has helped a lot

having to safety check the arrow makes sense, i take it that how to check it and what to look for are covered in the new player introduction or something similar, right?

also after a battle do you have to take the arrows that aren’t yours to the GOD tent to or give them to a ref?

How to safety check arrows will be covered at weapons check, where you’ll need to go with your bow and arrows before time in on Friday anyway. Explain that you’re a new archer and they can take you through it properly.

And yes - any arrows you’re carrying which aren’t yours should be taken directly to GOD, or given to a member of PD crew who is collecting arrows. Please don’t just give them to random referees, most of us will be busy doing other things.


It’s a bit hard to find but there’s a specific FAQ entry on exactly 42" weapons: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Obscure_Questions#What_category_does_a_weapon_exactly_42_inches_long_fall_into.3F