Weapon shopping


Hi I am joining empire soon and have a question, is it better to get a sword on the internet or wait and get one at empire. Bearing in mind that I have found a sword I like the look and size of


I’d say save up and buy it at the event. That way you can look at and handle the weapon in person before you pay for it, and if it fails safety checks the traders at the event can offer a replacement or refund. To buy online you need to be very sure of what you’re getting and if it does fail safety you’re kind of stuck with it. I have bought weapons online that have been fine, but it’s always a gamble.


Just out of interest what length of sword and fighting style are you looking at?


Always buy in my person is my advice


Buy in person. Which dealer is it, as they will likely be at the event…


Larp warriors elven blade long (85cm)


Epic Armoury


I am thinking a light hit and run type character, a scout maybe.


Epic armouries are a good maker.


OK, I bought the 107cm version of that online, it has passed weapon check at 4 mainline and one player event (this is no guarantee your one would pass, each weapon is individual and only the weapon checkers can say yay or nay), however there are prettier weapons available at the event for a similar cash price and probably offering better value, with the security of being able to talk to the maker if there is a problem. If you’re fighting single blade might I suggest looking at 42"/105-107cm swords, reach is useful😊


I would always recommend buying in person because then you can check that you like the weighting and the balance of the weapon and if it fails weapons check you have a lot more options than if it was an online bought weapons.

If you’re going on the battlefield a sword that is 85cm or 33 inches is quite short for a main weapon. For fighting with a one handed weapon I would recommend looking for something closer to the longer end of the category (they can be up to 42 inches) as the extra reach is really useful and most people will be using a 42 inch weapon or a longer weapon such as a polearm or great weapon so having a shorter one will put you at a disadvantage.


Something that’s never really mentioned, but weapon shopping (or really anything-shopping) in Anvil is a real joy. Even if you aren’t actually planning to buy anything, it’s extremely enjoyable to walk down the trader street(s), popping in to look at the amazing stuff on offer.

You won’t need a weapon the very second it becomes Time In, it’s worth shopping at the event.


Good point. It’s a scene from many an adventurous story, where the hero searches the weaponsmiths’ wares for the perfect tool, casting aside the gaudy and the plain, the overpriced and the imbalanced, until they find one that sings in their hand and calls them onwards to great deeds…

It’s an easy way to get in character too :slight_smile:


Totally agree, I spent 3 events trawling the shops looking for a sword that fit the character and I’ve now got one and I’m glad I waited to find it!


You’re buying something that’s going to last years, and that you won’t need immediately. Anvil is not a war zone, many PCs walk about unarmed, even soldiers. If you’re off-duty, you don’t need your work tools. So there’s little to be gained by showing up with a sword, and you’ll get more out of finding one that feels right for you. Same as if you were buying a bike, or shoes, or anything else that needs to fit you in some way. For example, a problem with those “elf” ones is they tend to fall out anything that’s not a full scabbard, as there’s no crossguard to hold them in. It’s something you’re most likely to notice when trying it out with your new sword frog or weapon ring.

There is a world of difference between feather-light carbon-fibre weapons and heavy weighted ones, for example. In the heavier ones, one that is weighted on the grip will move very differently (and faster) to one that just has a heavy core. Go around a few stores, have a few practice swings with ones you like the look of. Then come back and make a decision on which one felt right for you.

My preference is for a 36" sword (92cm) if you only have one weapon. Compared to a 42" one it’s cheaper, easier to carry round all the time and not catch in stuff, if you put it in a holder that points straight down your leg. If you later get a long sword or a polearm, it makes a nice sidearm in case that gets shattered or a fight is close in.

Scout or runner is a good role to try out if you don’t have much kit, as you want to avoid fights rather than engage. Pretty much everything out-classes “one shortsword” in a straight fight. Everyone can use a buckler (<15" shield), and if you can borrow or buy one it’ll make you much more effective. Again, look for one you like.


There’s a larp kit fair in February.

I’m saving for that :innocent::innocent:
Get to buy the equipment I want in advance but get to see it and try it on before I commit.



Which one and where?




Even buying at kit fairs, you cannot guarantee a successful weapons check, I would buy other stuff there, but get your sword at Anvil (it also supports the game)


That’s true, but a lot of the people selling weapons at fairs are also at Anvil. Best thing to do would be to check what sellers are at the fair and see which of them attend Empire. That way if there are any problems, you can talk to them/take the weapon back with no problems.