Weapon Training at Empire

Hello all,

I crew at Empire as an Imperial Weapon Master and want to offer my In-character services free of charge to anyone that would like advice or training from beginners to experienced LARPers. I Specialise in weapon and shield and in one handed weapon but can teach all weapon types.

I have 25 years experience teaching LARP combat, have fenced sabre for 10 years, run a weekly children’s medieval style sword fighting club and am currently one of the top Historical European Martial Arts fighters in the country.
I am happy to teach individual children or adults, however it is more time effective if I teach groups.
If you are interested my in-character name is Vulgaris and I am the War Master of House Orzel in Dawn.

I will normally be at 2 or 3 Empires a year. I will be at E3 and E4 in 2014.

I look forward to meeting anyone who is interested to learn.

Mark Gilbert

Very up for this as fighting in anvil is the only combat I see.
I want to cross skill from my F.A.S.T (Roger Lankford’s re-enactment style) and my own experiences from LARP
My main areas of interest are sword and board but also greatsword.

Great it would be good to meet at E3 if your there.
Sword and Shield is what I teach most so more than happy to share what I know.
Also happy to learn new things from others.


I’ll seek you out.

It will be good to have an experienced eye to look at my skills.

Hey where could I find you as I’d like to learn more with shield and axe. I know not exactly your thing but would still be interesting

Hi there Bucklund and Molimo,

I am happy as I said to give you advice and training. Best place to ask for me is in House Orzel in Dawn. I will often be in or around the Dawn fighting square (with the black and red bunting).

Best Regards

Hi Molimo, I saw your post about training in Burgess Hill.
I actually live 5 miles from Burgess Hill so also possibility of some training outside of Empire.

These seems to be quite a few secret larders around the burgess hill area. We haven’t done one the week before larp and may not the first weekend after but we’d love to see you. As we have a good area for it come rain or shine and love to have others to fight and train with.