Weaponry advice

Hello! So I have booked to join wintermark as a steinr. As a part of my character I am intending to use a claymore as my main weapon of choice and was wondering (as the brief doesn’t really mention them) If I would be out of place doing so and if it would be frowned upon?

Thanks all!

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A claymore is a perfectly reasonable weapon for a steinr. Most nation briefs are pretty weapon-agnostic, although some fit the aesthetic better than others. A big ol sword fits the steinr look just fine, in my opinion.

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Question if I may why a claymore? A claymore is a Scottish variant of the medieval long/great sword with a forward facing cross guard so is it this that attracts you? Or the length? Also how do you see your battlefield role with this? I only ask because I rock up to my first event with an axe/shield and left thinking this not for me, I want a sword! I think a lot of that was down to not asking the right questions. As to if it will fit into the Mark…for sure lots of people have great swords :grin:

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To be completely truthful I’ve had one for a while and not used it seen as I had to take some time out of the hobby due to other commitments and with joining a new system I think it’s a great time to give it a go, plus saves me having to buy other weapons. As to where I see myself fitting into the battle formations I have always been a good skirmisher on the flanks compared to line fighting. What attracted me to the weapon in particular, well, 2 handed swords are cool and I would love to master them :sweat_smile:


The downside of larp greatweapons is that you can’t smash your opponents shield, break their guard or parry with your weight and slice into them.

The upside of larp greatweapons is that they are light enough to defend with a bit more, and often supplemented by options. In Empire these are Hero points and enchantments allowing you to break shields or cut unarmoured foes down with a single blow.

They do take some practise though. If you need a bit of sparring, come to Dawn (we’ll be camped nearby), where we have a fair few greatsword wielders…

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Valid point all round there :grin: I think you will do just fine with it!

Similarly, the Imperial War College is located next to the Sentinel Gate and I’ll be teaching weapon skills there.

We’re always here for big ass swords like a Claymore or Zweihander :slight_smile: I think the main thing I like about them is they’re great fun to use if you’re skirmishing (you’re right about not get trapped behind a shieldwall) and also they look really cool. Best of luck and hope you have fun with it :+1:.

Well if it’s all good I’m up for any advice and training with them from both of you guys, I’d rather get practice with great weapons so then I’ll be able to use them safely and efficiently. Thanks everyone you’ve all been great :+1:t2:

Since you have already mentioned that you are an experienced larper, and thus probably know how to use the thing effectively, I’d say go for it. If you are playing in WM in particular you might find it especially useful, because so much of the nation uses sword and board - a bit of variety gives them some tactical flexibility.
And I think it’d look absolutely fine with the aesthetic of the nation.

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It’s perfectly fine for the setting.

From a practicality side of things, it can be good for smashing shields or polearms when combined with Hero Points and the Shatter skill. That or if you’re less keen on line-fighting and want a bit more room to wield it then you can jump on with the Skirmishers. The Heart of the Mark (one of the Wintermark warbands) has a unit of skirmishers who generally act in close support to the line-fighters and we’re open for anyone to join in as they like. Pretty much any weapon setup works there. I’ve had great fun skirmishing with a longsword, spear, sword & board or dual-wielding.

Errr, two handed weapons do not as a rule call Shatter any more - they can be used to call Impale now.

There is an expensive artisan-made two hander that can let you use Shatter now, but those are moderately rare.

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