Weapons rules: Shields

I am new to lrp, but thought it looked great and wanted to give it a try. I have a wooden shield and am wondering what it would take to make it safe enough to use in lrp if at all possible, any replies would be appreciated.

As far as I know wooden shields are not LARP safe. You’ll need a proper LARP one made from foam and latex.


Checking the wiki it says a rigid former can be used. Not sure how that applies to converting a preexisting wooden shield. I would assume that for safety getting a LARP shield would be best.

Hey I think you’re going to run into problems trying to convert a wooden shield into a larp safe one. The safety rules strongly suggest using a foam and latex one. But I’ll see if there’s a more recent update on this.


Thank you for your reply, will look into making a new shield with ridgid foam former covered in soft foam