Weapons usage

So iv started looking online at weapons and visiting the vendors websites that attend and sell at Empire and have seen alot of really nice stuff, However i am confused as to what weapons I could use…

On the Nations page on the Wiki it explains the stereo typical weapons for each Nation for example Spears for Navaar, Sword and Shield for Highguard…

This got me thinking does the Nation limit you to which weapons you can use for example again would it look weird for a Highguard to wield a 2 handed mace or axe on the battle field? or can any Character use any weapon as long as they spec into the use of it?

Might be a silly question but… :slight_smile:

The main point to recall is that many nations form units and so matching weapons helps achieve this. If you are the only person with sword and dagger in a nation of shield-users, you are not much use on a shield wall. If you have a short bow, you won’t be able to cleanly slot into a line of crossbowmen.

On the other hand, a unit of lightly-armoured polearm-users can be assigned to support a unit of knights in armour with shields. A unit of archers can be sent to support some skirmishers with sneaky camouflage cloaks. Yes, you could put a couple of League dagger-users with a couple of Marcher dagger-users to make an impromptu unit, but they are not going to ‘work’ like a single-nation unit.

Any character can use any weapon that they have spent the xp to use.

As noted, there are “traditional” weapons combinations for the nations, and so if you try something different you may feel a little bit “square peg in round hole” as regards any large-scale fighting.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, and may well produce interesting game (1) or tactical opportunities (2). If it’s your first event, you may want to stick to the traditional brief (especially if it’s free), but this is entirely your choice.

(1) “Why are you using a crossbow in the Brass Coast, did you emigrate from the League or something?” “Yes, actually.” “ooo, tell me about it!”

(2) A single skirmisher, archer, polearm or great weapon user acting in concert with a shieldwall, for instance.

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The suggested weapons are to help keep the nation’s distinct. All nations can use all weapons, but the marchers tend to use shield users as skirmishers whilst Winter mark use them as the mainstay line of battle, the brass coast operate in small specialised units for a specific task. Some use shield and spear to jam while the ambidextrous flank. Great weapon use is used everywhere, but you may find that sone nations rely on them more such as orcs or Varushka the weapons styles will be very different. Orcs want big brutal weapons, while varushka may want a weapon that’s also a tool. What nation are you thinking of?

I’m going to join Highguard. Which I know are known for there shield wall. Does this mean spears would work well with them or if I had a shield could I wield a 1 hand axe instead of sword?

I think, perhaps unfairly, of the axe being a weapon of Wintermark, Varushka, and possibly the Marches.

I can see hammer/mace with shield in Highguard (D&D restrictions, no edged weapons for priests :slight_smile: ) certainly.

A two-handed spear over the shield wall would be interesting (and a nasty shock for anyone expecting only swords). A one-handed spear is likely to be smaller, stab-safe, and more difficult to fins a good physrep for. I’d avoid it unless you’re confident.

Spears are fine, we like spears in Highguard! All the better to poke over the top of the sheildwall!

Oi, crossbows are perfectly Freeborn! I’d know, being the only arbalist in the Coast.


Might be worth taking a look at the Unconquered?
These are the “skirmishing” archetype in Highguard. I find a lot of the weapons you just need to find the “right” weapon. Brasscoast want Straight Swords, The League want either rapiers, flamberge’s or something with a basket hilt. Navar want “elven” leaf motif or practical. The axe could happily work for highguard. Wintermark want viking and saxon style, broard heads and intricate. Varuskha would want a more woodcutters axe or bearded axe.

I can see highguard having Cavalry Axes and Footman’s axe.

Brass Coast brief is straight swords preferred over curved ones, FYI. Edit: They generally also love the use of axes and bhuj-headed spears (thick, slightly curved, spearhead), with elaborate and intricate designs.

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The traditional (or so it has evolved in play) armament for Unconquered is more knives than you can shake a stick at. On top of that they tend to go for either bows or buckler & swords. I think there are some spear-wielding Unconquered as well, as well as a good number (myself included) of Unconquered battlemages.

I plan on being a courage priest and on the wiki it says it’s not uncommon for courage priests to carry/use either hammers or axes?

I played a courage priest in Highguard with a great big two handed sword, because it looked cool and Paladiny :slight_smile:

Spears are also on brief for HG as Cataphracts were originally mounted troops with lances. So there’s that legacy to draw from, it’s also why we’re allegedly javelin users although they’re not as practical on the battlefield so mainly get used at the Cathalon sporting event.

Yes trad HG is either Sword and Shield or Bow/Crossbow and sword + buckler. But you can mix in other stuff there as well, so don’t worry too much.

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