hi all me and a few friends have been making weapons now for a few months with very mixed results can anyone put a guide or suggest some things ive looked a videos of all sorts with the us and there ducttape horrors to latex I currently use 3 layer with impact glue with fiberglass core like tent poles and water pipe for the handle sword layers seem to stick ok cores 50/50 stay still but we cant seem to get a nice blade edge cutting with knifes leaves edge untidy and uneven sanding takes a lot of time and can delaminate layers pommels are hard to do as well done a few seem to be weak and want to come off haven’t tried these yet as only just dried also axe handle how much padding do we need on these?

would like to see guide put on here for this or if there is one a link maybe on the + side we seem to be good at making shields

cheers mike