Weather and Praying

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I’m really excited to be attending my first event, E3! I’ve been having a look at the weather and I noticed some forecast for rain and I’ve got some questions about how to keep comfortable. I’ve been camping many times and am usually pretty adept at keeping comfortable but obviously, the same rules don’t apply because I only have 1 outfit for the whole event and won’t be wearing my bright fluorescent waterproofs all the time.

I was wondering If anyone has come up with an efficient way of being dry or is it just a case of chose when you step outside wisely. I also have a faux fur trimmed cloak so any ideas about how to keep that dry would be appreciated. I also expect that with rain comes mud so tips on how to avoid that would be good as well.

In terms of liveliness does rain tend to grind things to a halt at empire or does stuff just move more under the cover of tents or are we courageous and power through?

Finally and completely unrelated to the preceding questions I’m playing a priest character and I was wondering do people pray? When you pray it’s usually to someone, but that would in the case of empire, at least in my opinion, constitute a form of idolatry. Is prayer in empire more like meditation and self-reflection? and if we don’t pray then why do we have churches and places of sanctuary? what purpose do they serve?

Answers to any of the above would be appreciated.

Sorry for the short notice.

Prayer is sort of a thing, but it depends on your nation. Which nation are you?


Hm, which tribe?

I see praying more like meditating; there aren’t any gods (none that matter, at any rate, depending on how you look at it), so you aren’t exactly praying to a being. The Paragons can’t hear you, but thinking of them and using their actions to inspire yours is totally a thing.

Rain does dampen the action a bit but there are tents and awnings and people find ways of making fun happen.

My trick is waterproof trousers and jacket under my kit. Admittedly fluorescent yellow might be harder to hide than my black stuff, but you can always see what you can get away with. Hoods and hats to keep things away from your head and neck are also good.

And dry socks. No, more socks than that. And a couple more pairs.



I know well the virtues of a dry pair of socks haha.

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Good waterproof boots are the single most important factor for me in any LARP. My feet are dry, so everything else is bearable. I can squelch through mud if it stays on the outside. When I get back to my tent, wet boots never come completely inside; they stay in a covered ‘porch’ area and usually with the bottoms under the door while the open tops stay inside. Dry feet in good boots are happy feet and happy feet are the secret to happy players in my experience.

Somewhat paradoxically, I tend to avoid heavy clothing in the worst rain as long as it is warm. A shirt will dry out quite fast in a tent. A pair of hose (or leggings) will dry out quite fast in a tent. A thick cloak will stay wet for hours or even days and often starts to smell funny. Not always bad, just funny…

For myself, I have a wide-brimmed hat which keeps the rain off as well as it keeps the sun off. It needs to dry out after heavy rain and my feathers go droopy, but there’s a reason hats have been so popular across the centuries.

So… Good boots, good hats, outfits which dry out easily… That is about as far as my planning goes.

Yeah, spare socks… Always have spare socks…

My Two cents:

  1. I’m playing a priest character and I was wondering do people pray? When you pray it’s usually to someone, but that would in the case of empire, at least in my opinion, constitute a form of idolatry. Is prayer in empire more like meditation and self-reflection?
    Yes personally prayer does feel heretical, self reflection definately, meditation, repeating self help mantras.
    Honestly with the Way I would say if you are spendign some time alone by yourself for religous reasons the only thing you should be trying to change is yourself.

  2. If we don’t pray then why do we have churches and places of sanctuary? what purpose do they serve?
    Because empire still has religous teachings, there are still have parables to share, stories of Exemplars and Paragons to inspire. Having a place for religous instruction is useful, and knowing where to go nif you need spirtual guidance.
    Also they tend to be good places for local gossip :stuck_out_tongue:

Staying comfortable in the rain: A nice big waterproof cloak with a hood is your best friend. It can be a bit warm in summer but stick it on to dash between tents and it will keep your stuff dry. Also, bring even more socks than usual, and if you can manage it then a second pair of shoes that you keep dry in your tent is a wonderful thing - being able to change into dry feet is amazing. Keep your stuff in a waterproof canoe bag or box in your tent in case of tent flooding.

Empire carries on through rain but more people will be taking shelter and not wanting to move around in the outside too much - if it’s showers then people will often try to wait them out. Often this means you can get to have conversations with people you’d normally not get to spend much time with because you’re stuck in the same shelter. Quests etc just go on as usual unless it gets really unsafe underfoot.


As for praying: The Empire religion doesn’t really do prayer and worship - instead it does contemplation, debate, motivation. Some people ‘pray’ in the sense of ‘talking things through in their head with their mental model of a paragon / exemplar’ or even asking a particular paragon/exemplar to guide them and give them strength - the idea being to align your thoughts/actions with that example, that it helps guide and empower your own will rather than being some kind of external imposition.

Churches are for hearing your priest tell you about Virtue and help you apply it to your life, or having a good debate with them, as well as their normal secondary social purpose as meeting places and social glue.

  1. Sealskinz are expensive, but if I hadn’t actually worn them in a quagmire of an event, I wouldn’t believe they work as well as they do.

  2. So, as those before have said, the concept of prayer sorta exists, but isn’t common practice.

Personally I have always assumed “It’s not idolatry if it’s human!”
Cults of personality are after all what the Empire is built upon.

The crime of idolatry is defined as: Subsuming human will and destiny to any inhuman entity or force. This includes the worship, veneration or exaltation of any such being or power.

This crime incorporates the worship of “gods”, eternals and other supernatural beings, though some priests have considered applying it in a political context as well.[/quote]

Likewise Highguard mentions

Praying to the Creator is very likely to be viewed as outright idolatry and heresy of The Doctrine of the Creator.

Praying to Paragons is interesting, because the nature of Paragons is… actually an ongoing schism tearing the Empire apart!

Praying to Virtues would get onto… very exciting theological ground…

But again, the Synod decide what is actually idolatry, blasphemy and heresy by judgements of condemnation.