Weather Report For Anvil E1


A mixture of sunny spells and showers, the showers heavy at times with a risk of thunder. Breezy Wednesday, then stronger, blustery winds Thursday, before easing Friday. Turning cooler.
Good Morning, And Happy Pre-Empire. I hope your keen is building and your packing going well. A couple years back I got into the habit of putting up a summery of the weather before the event.
Have consulted the Met office and looked at a couple other sources (But Met provides the most detailed)

The short and sweet summary:
A mixture of sunny spells and showers, the showers heavy at times with a risk of thunder. Breezy Wednesday, then stronger, blustery winds Thursday, before easing Friday. Turning cooler.

So to begin with, Tomorrow, There will be chances of rain for most of the day and night on Tuesday, day, night and early Wed Morning. With a strong westerly wind. This is important as it should give the new drainage a trial of fire and soften the ground for us to sleep on.

Wed: Very cool and blustery with good chance of rain late after noon/evening. Not much chance of the ground drying too much but the wind will keep the top from getting sodden. Will feel very cool due to wind chill.

Thursday: Dry windy with sunny spells through the day. Strong Westerly winds of 17mph and gusts up to 32mph. Temps to be high of 11C but feeling more like 6-8C. Evening/Night will be calmer as wind dies down and comparably warm and dry.

Friday. Wind speeds continue to drop giving a much more still day but changing direction to easterly by the late evening. Cloudly with sunny spells, chance of rain in early afternoon, Tempritures hold steady from yesterday, 10C max feeling like 8C. Cloudy evening and nights giving warmer temperatures than Thursday.

Sat: Wind is now completely easterly but still gentle at 11mph, gusting to 17mph. Cloudy all day but cool feeling due to wind. Even chance of rain mid afternoon. High Temps of11C feeling like 8C.

Sunday: Cloudy all day with the wind picking up. Little chance of rain all day so mostly dry pack down. Very chilly morning, with not much improvement through the day. High of 9C feeling like 5C.
Winds will be high (But not as high as Thursday) with 16mph and gusts to 28mph at pack down. For people getting of site later the wind will change direction again.

The weather report only mentions light showers, but doesn’t mean we wont get intermittent rain through the weekend. This is dangerous due to the amount of wind. Wet and Damp clothes will sap the warmth and energy from you in the wind. As it will be very mild it will be easy to underestimate how cold you are becoming. Other than the cool weather It will be almost perfect. With low UV ratings and low pollen counts, mostly dry and what little that will fall will dry quickly with the wind. My Mud Prediction will be sticky but minimal.

My advice to survive this weekend, Is to layer up and try to avoid the wind. Enjoy songs around the fire and heated arguments over orthodoxy.
Make sure your tent is PROPERLY pegged out and guy roped out to stop it flying away. Recheck your pegs each night and morning as strong gusts will. work them free.
If you someone else’s tent start to work free? pop it back in. Guy run slack? tighten it up.

See you all in 3 days :grinning:


Or just bring everything and layer up to suit. Hasn’t failed me yet :wink:

Hmm, Looks like the weather is getting worse. Lots of sun and sunny spells on Wednesday and Thursday, will help dry the field out a bit, but light rain for most of Friday.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about light rain. We get a lot of dust and a bit of moisture helps to damp it down.

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Compared to E1 two years ago, some light rain is nothing!

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@thresher @CatoCargo Of course. It was a cracking night. Packed into the Orphans Arms and drinking with every nation.
I just want to keep it accurate so newbies know roughly what to expect.


Evening, The event is imminent. (And already starting for some crew).
This is my last update before the event and the most important I feel.

Tomorow (Thursday): SUN SHINE!!! with a high of 12*C in the mid afternoon wind is steady through the day but gusty. Double check you pegs and guys. Do not forget your sun cream if your prone to burn. Moderate UV Strength.

Friday: RAIN!!! Almost certain chances of Heavy Rain from 1pm to Night. This is sure to test out the new drainage. Keep warm dry and undercover.

Saturday and Sunday: Weather to be overcast and breezy. No rain baring a 40% chance Saturday evening of light showers. Pack down should be dry.

See you all in the field and all the best.


Obvious tips:

If you are looking at setting up tents etc in the rain, try to pack them on top of your other stuff. Failing that, throwing in a waterproof something (big coat, old shower curtain. tarpaulin) that you can put you other things on/under can keep stuff dry while you pitch a tent.

Binbags are very useful for keeping the muddy stuff on/in. Or, if things get particularly bad, keeping the dry stuff on/in.

Extra socks. Dry socks are awesome.

For those who have not yet encountered this: Latex weaponry/kit goes a funny colour and looks cracked if it’s been saturated with water. This is normal and temporary, and it’ll revert once it dries out.

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Site report:

It is raining. The mud is beginning to churn. Stout shoes and waterproofs are your friend.

‘Lake Anvil’ has been taken care of by dint of a huge pipe channeling the water underground. So far this is holding.

It is still cold at night. Pack solid amounts of bedding and extra clothing layers to go under your kit.

Also a reminder that ear plugs are your friend!