Website back up, PD clothing amnesty

Hi everyone - we’re mostly out of the field now - so the website is back up. We’re hoping to open downtime in the next 24 hours - so keep your eyes peeled for that.

One issue that has come up is costume. We lent out quite a bit of costume to players at the event who were in need of warm/dry costume. Unfortunately quite a lot of of that hasn’t come back - and we do really need it… otherwise there won’t be any costume to lend people next time they need it.

So if anyone has any piece of PD costume, we’d be really grateful if you could send it back. The ideal would be to post it to the head office address - Profound Decisions, PO Box 666, Preston, PR2 1ZW - but failing that you can drop it off with GOD at the next event.

No questions asked… we just want the costume back please!