What are the hazzards of casting rituals?


During the first event I attended, I remember seeing someone performing a ritual in the regio. I don’t know what they were trying to achieve but I do remember that an NPC tried to attack them. I also think I remember seeing some hazards but I can’t remember where.

I was just wondering what are the common hazards of casting ritual and which rituals are more dangerous. I’m not looking at hazardous for the target it is being cast on, I looking at more hazardous for those casting it.

Thank you in advance.


All rituals have consequences along with whatever you actually want to happen, in most cases these are RP effects that are listed on the wiki for those rituals.

The more dangerous rituals as far as traumatic injuries for the casters tend to be the experimental ones, the ones involving a lot of power, or the ones where to get the power the casters have consumed a lot of potions and are carrying every bonded item that would help.

The most often cast dangerous ritual is Whispers through the Black Gate, becasue while you are calling for a specific person to appear after their death, you may not get them for all sorts of reasons and then something else may appear instead.


Thank you, that is very helpful. I looked on the wiki and for some reason I couldn’t see anything, I must just not be looking hard enough.


Generally speaking, Empire’s design ethos means that formulaic rituals are usually very clear about what will happen when you cast them - often right down to the exact impact it will have on the numbers for territory-level magic.

Some rituals are a bit wooly - generally those that require a response from the Plot Team, such as Whispers Through the Black Gate (as above) or Swim Leviathan’s Depths (where the answer isn’t guaranteed to be useful). In general, though, unless a formulaic ritual explicitly lists a possible or probable side-effect or consequence, rituals are pretty “safe” to perform.

Generally-speaking it’s very unlikely for an NPC to interfere with a ritual cast by PCs in Anvil, primarily because there’s a very small likelihood that the NPC - or the Plot Team - will know that PCs are going to cast a ritual. It’s possible this was a specific plot, or perhaps a Whispers gone wrong, but I’d say it was likely an unusual situation.


Okay, that is interesting to know. Thank you. I may have to reconsider a few things then.

I think the NPC had been summoned or something. Whoever it was, they were making a lot of fuss and threatening the ritualists. I think you are right when you suggested it could have been Whispers through the Black Gate.