What are you spending your XP on?

So as Downtime is now open you should be able spend your XP on new skills, everyone who’s been to event 1 should now have at least one XP to spend.

I’m torn between saving up for Day or Night Lore 2 and some new spells. I’m tempted by Paralyse for ruining a Herald’s day on the battlefield but also Venom for messing with Vallorn. I could be sensible and actually pick up Repair Limb I suppose…

So what choices are you debating? Perhaps we can offer some wildly different opinions to help you chose? :smiley:

My new priest has three XP unaccounted for after marksman and dedicate.

So… Anoint, Exorcise and [other], or do I blow two XP on Magician so that I can cast Detect Magic and put my priesting nose into Conclave/HoW?

I mean, Repair Limb is super-sensible, but who doesn’t love a good Paralyse??

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LauraH, I got a lot of use out of the Paralyse rules… Dawnish politics = tourney = charging some very competant battle mages. I got paralysed 3 times in 2 minutes…

Maybe another level of fortitude (which with enchantments would put me to lvl 3, and stacking well)?

What given that I generally wear enough armour to soak cleave, Relentless may be a waste, and extra hero points lvl 2 is a bit pricey.

As an artisan, extra items might work, but I don’t feel any need to do so at the moment…

If I save it up for next character, just in case, then current character will Not Die… that’s how it works, isn’t it?

Hmm, a character that’s been at every Empire event could be at 19xp now…:slight_smile:

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I have got 1 single point, and right now Berenger is at 14pts total. I think its time to bank the exp for my eventual death.

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Hey didn’t some Highborn have some fun with Magician and Marksman to take crossbows into the Hall of Worlds a few years back… :wink:

That sounds like a very interesting story! :smiley: Going into the HoW armed is never a terrible plan…

Alas, I think I may be opting for the slightly more boring plan of three priest skills now and Magician later, but it’s always good to have future plans…

Currently I’m quite happy keeping my unspent points so that during uptime my character can learn whatever turns out to be needed (so long as there’s a teacher to be found).


I have so many spells I tempted to go for all of them. Shatter is probably the most useful one I don’t have yet.

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