What are your favourite Empire photos of 2018?

Hi all now that we’ve had the last of the photos published it’s time to pick some of your favourite photos from this years Empire events, mainline and player events too :slight_smile:.

To show us the photos if they’re off Facebook, click “options” then “download” and put them on the thread with the upload button, just tell us who took them :).

I’ve put links to some of the photographers I know below but please do post any Empire photos that anyone has taken that you like.

Beth Dooner (Beth Dooner is creating Photography | Patreon)

Empire Winter Solstice 2018
Empire Spring Equinox 2018
Empire Summer Solstice 2018
Empire Autumn Equinox 2018

Oliver Facey (Drip - Oliver Facey)

Winter Solstice 2018 Part 1 | Part 2
Spring Equinox 2018 Part 1 | Part 2
Summer Solstice 2018 Part 1 | Part 2
Autumn Equinox 2018 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (click on the share button and use the embed code to post here)

Tom Garnett

Empire 21
Empire 22
Empire 23
Empire 24

Steph Morris (Steff Pardoe is creating Art and Plush | Patreon)

Gralka Cam - Empire, Winter 381 YE
Gralka Cam - Empire, Spring 382 YE
Gralka Cam - Empire, Summer 382 YE
Gralka and Rauur Cam - Autumn 382YE E4

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The links don’t seem to take me anywhere, do I need face book to see them?

Yes most of them are FB but if you go to Oliver Facey’s site https://gallery.oliverfacey.co.uk/empire you can see all of his on there as well.

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Thank you. It is always nice to see other people’s costumes portrayed so well in very professional pictures. Their attire always puts mine to shame.

Redirecting... (Steph Morris)
Just look at the changeling. <3 <3

Redirecting... (Oliver Facey)
Glorious naga.
(no, this wasn’t a thread for lineage examples, but what can I say, I think trappings are part of what I love about this game).

Redirecting... (Beth Dooner)
Such colour.

Redirecting... (Beth Dooner)
Alright, this one is of me. But it’s one of the best photos of me ever, I think, and a really nice memory of a very short-lived character who I liked quite a lot.


Kit is aspirational. We can always do better but real life - time, money, skill - will always mean some are able to shine more brightly than others. All we can be is our best selves. :slight_smile:

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Here are some of my favourites. Thank you to Beth Dooner for the guidance as to which photographer took which one.

From E1 (1st Tom Garnett, next 3 by Beth Dooner):

From E2 by Oliver Facey, Tom Garnett, Tom Garnett, unsure of the fourth:

From E3. (Tom Garnett, Beth Dooner, Beth Dooner, Tom Garnett)

And from E4, colour ones by Oliver Facey (the B&W ones are from Tom Garnett)


Thank you for your kind words. I think the main problem is I’ve used papier-mâché for part of my kit and it is the unique part of it that draws the eyes. I hope that it looks okay though I’ve got a voice in the back of my head saying that people are just too nice to tell me it is breaking their immersion. I do like it though so I’m going to wear it until someone does say.

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Oliver Facey

Oliver Facey: Empire - Winter Solstice 381YE - 1/2 &emdash;

Oliver Facey: Winter Solstice 381YE - 2/2 &emdash;

Oliver Facey: Empire - Spring Equinox 382YE - 2/2 &emdash;

Tom Garnett

Beth Dooner

Steph Morris


E1: Tom Garnett, Beth Dooner, Beth Dooner, Beth Dooner
E2: Oliver Facey, Tom Garnett, Tom Garnett, Actually Unsure myself ^^;
E3: Tom Garnett, Beth Dooner, Beth Dooner, Tom Garnett
E4: No corrections needed :slight_smile:


I’ll do my personal top 5 for each event :slight_smile:
All by me because self love is cool yo.






Those who stand before us now, they shall reap just as they sow, their bodies will enrich our soil, THEIR BLOOD WILL MAKE THE BARLEY GROW

(Photo by Tom Garnett)


A couple of extras I’m afraid, from part 3 f Oliver Faceys portfolio for last event…

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Ugh, it’s just so hard to choose! There’s so many good ones. I’ll just throw up a few of my very faves…

These ones are from Oliver Facey

This one from Tom Garnett

And finally these from Beth Dooner (the last one is probably my favourite from the entire year)

I know that I’ve missed out a bunch, these are just the ones that have sprung to mind! And that others haven’t already posted :stuck_out_tongue:


The Varushka sign makes me believe that I am coming home.

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This Tom Garnett from e3 is pretty awesome! Urizen Sentinels advance to contact, Battle against the Eater of Hope in Spiral, Summer Solstice 382ye

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This one’s my favourite. Not only am I in it buts it’s the closest thing to a group shoteive got. That and we all look amazing. Tom Garrett I think. Will post my faves from Beth and Oliver later

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So yes it’s of me, but it is my favourite photo this year. (Taken by Oliver Facey)

I find in majority of military council photos, there is someone larger than me between me and the camera and so it’s really nice to have one of my character talking about the military with a map and tokens with no one in the way.