What can I do now that I'm dedicated?

At my first event, I was dedicated to wisdom. I’m still not completely sure what that means other than a statement that I have aligned myself to a certain virtue and will try and embody that in my way of life. By being dedicated, am I technically a priest or do I have to take the dedicated skill to become one? Is it purely for RP reasons or do I get any mechanical benefits?

I know it doesn’t sound very wise to do something without knowing what you are truly doing but at the time, it was probably the best decision, an act of good faith (pardon the pun).

Thank you for your time.

If you’re dedicated you can use a Pilgrim’s Shield to give yourself a rank of Endurance, you can use a Dragonbone Symbol to spend time in a consecrated area and get all your hero points back. There might be some other stuff but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

If you want to use any of the priest skills you will need to buy the skill Dedication, which unlocks the others.

Oh yes the other thing being dedicated to a virtue gives is it allows you to be in a virtue assembly if you have a congregation. If you’re not dedicated you can only be in the Assembly of the Way.


Thank you, this was very helpful. It seems that for me, however, the effects are purely for RP as I have no shield, hero points or congregation.

Related question: there are some mechanical effects that can be pushed through if you’re Anointed. I’m thinking of the Druj Miasma last event, and the Black Plateau madness the event before…

Does Dedicated confer the same level of resistance, the same “source of spiritual strength” to ignore such wide area effects?

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Nah, dedication doesn’t even give an RP effect.

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Yup, but it does give you an excuse to get involved with the Wisdom assembly, which should be interesting.

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Oh okay, I thought I needed a congregation to do that. I think that might be interesting. I’ll look into doing that next time.

What I meant was that I could use it in my RP, for example: ‘I am dedicated to wisdom, that means I am most likely wise and so I deserve the last biscuit as I need it to fuel my brain which may bring forth various useful ideas’ and not ‘You suddenly feel wise’ like the RP effect of auras.


Aha, sorry, was responding to Geoffrey. Direct responding acts a bit weirdly. Was just saying how Dedication doesn’t give you a source of spiritual strength.

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Ah okay, that makes sense. Yeah it would probably be quite powerful if it did do that because then you would just have to be dedicated once and never have to worry about Druj Miasma again and seeing as it is so easy to have done, the Druj miasma would become useless.

“At my first event, I was dedicated to wisdom. I’m still not completely sure what that means”
“Wisdom is not always knowing the answer; Wisdom is finding the right question.”

Have a look at the page and the auras, because Empire Wisdom is less about “folk wisdom” and “grey-bearded sages with ideas” and much more amenable to “BRAKES OFF DO SCIENCE LEARN THINGS RINSE REPEAT WHAT DO YOU MEAN LAB SAFETY”. *
*This is not the only way to do Wisdom, but don’t be surprised when you hear it though, it’s legit,

And IMO the right question is “Hey Wisdom Priests, How do I be awesome at this?” Because if you ask 2 priests, chances are you get 3 opinions :stuck_out_tongue:. Then pick some idea you like and roll with it. Stand behind your favourite priest and go YEAH! Ask for some guidance and tell you mates how useful that religious guidance is.


Well I’m trying to come up with new arcane projections. I knew that aligned with wisdom but from what you saying, it is a major part of it.

I’ve personally tried to give advice to people and it either goes well and the person thanks me or there is miscommunication and I almost insult the person. This was what I thought wisdom was all about and I thought this was the main role of the priests.

I would love to talk wisdom with them and I understand that I may get a different answer for one question, from all of them, as that is sort of how life is but I feel like there wouldn’t be the time, especially as I am more interesting in magic as my character believes he can do more for people through it than through any other medium.

Thank you for your reply. It was interesting and has given me things to think about.

My character (Empress Lisabetta von Holberg) is dedicated to Wisdom. At the Summer 382 summit (July 2018) event her Address to Senate was precisely about “finding the right question”:
Address to Senate, Summer 382YE

Being dedicated has no mechanical/rules effect on my character, but it totally informs the way I roleplay her.


Of course there is also the subtle gaming being player by some of the priests with who they dedicate, which I think is very interesting. Dedicating someone important (such as your character) can give them status as well as a bit of leeway when it comes to less virtues actions or using it as protection when something they do is claimed unvirtuous by a rival. It probably creates more interesting RP than the actual dedication.