What Character archetypes are needed in each Nation?


I’ll agree that Urizen certainly ahd quite a few Sentienels and Architects, but as a nation not as strong as it once was.

I’m unsure on Questors , but I have met some Seers and Illuminate, not many but they are certainly out there, although like you said tricky to identify between other mages. I also know of a few Mages but more could certainly help.

As you said their are certainly a few Stargazers and Torchbearers


My attempt at Highguard archetype frequency (as I see it)

Archetype Description Abundance/shortage
Exarch The Exarch, or Exarchs, are those who are appointed by a Highguard Chapter as their leader(s) as determined by the Chapter’s creed, or by embodying its principles. You only have 1 per chapter (usually) so there are only a few of these. But that’s kind of how it’s meant to be.
Guardian Guardians form the core of Highborn military, taking on a range of roles in defence of their Chapters, and in prosecuting vigilant warfare. There are a decent amount of guardians. Probably the backbone of our fighting forces
Unconquered The Unconquered are Highguard’s elite guerilla troops. They are prone to using ruthless tactics, even operating behind enemy lines, to destroy the enemy’s capacity to make war. There are a fair number of Unconquered in the nation, but they are the least populace of the three warrior archetypes
Cataphract Cataphracts are Highguard’s elite heavy warriors, who once rode horses into battle but who, in modern times, represent a resolute and unbreakable wall of steel. There are quite a few cataphracts. They are the second most common warrior archetype.
Wayfarer Wayfarers are Highborn priests with a long-standing tradition of teaching the truth of The Way to the ignorant, and seeking out Examplars and Paragons born in other lands. There are only a few wayfarers in the nation that I’m aware of. Maybe one of the least represented archetypes.
Inquisitor Highborn Inquisitors are zealous defenders of The Way from those that would threaten it, whether mortal or supernatural. There’s not a huge amount of inquisitors in the nation. Possibly the least represented archetype.
Steward of the dead Stewards of the Dead dedicate their lives to preserving the legacies of the worthy. This includes the interring of remains as well as the preservation of legacies and tales. Generally each chapter has 1 or 2 Stewards, but there is also an entire chapter made up of Stewards
Magister Magisters are the master magicians of Highguard, often with an affinity for Winter Magic. They shape magic using movement, sound and the chime of bells. There are quite a few magisters
Benefactor Benefactors are affluent Highborn merchants and tradesfolk who do not pursue wealth for its own sake, but who sponsor individuals, great works and endeavours. As with exarchs, each chapter generally only has 1 benefactor, so they are by design quite rare
Archivist Archivists are a unique class of Highborn scholar dedicated to preserving the essence, or truth, of history, over and above accounts and evidence that may seek to undermine that truth. There aren’t a huge number of archivists to my knowledge. Generally each chapter only has 1, but that’s not a hard and fast rule


That’s interesting. Nice to see that my inner gaming hipster is still on point. Wayfarer and Inquisitor are the only two archetypes I was considering.


In that case shall we “schedule” a brawl for Friday time in?
A proper brawl requires some organising at least. At least a number spectators.


There will also be a new Highguard archetype soon I believe; “Oathsworn Pilgrim”.


The fun with those is that it’s almost entirely how you act that defines that, rather than skills (although some are quite useful). As long as you’ve got a congregation you can be either. I got along for quite a while as a Paladin type (plate and a great big sword) with half priest skills and half warrior skills, think my original archetype was Inquisitor :slight_smile: .


My troupe used to have a character who was both actress and bishop…


This is a point I raised among the League players when we were talking on Discord about making the League more… Leaguish. I think the issue is that we do not have enough rivalries because the free companies are so inter-bred that you’re fighting with your former allies.

I do know at least two people looking to set up formal contests, so maybe we could recreate the opening of Romeo and Juliet just by scaling up the bridge duel to a team-based contest. Grab your friends, enter the plaza at time-in and challenge anyone wearing a sword. Winners are the last ones left standing; calling for a physick outside your own team is allowed, but you have to withdraw from the plaza immediately once healed.


Would the physics get “compensated” for this?

Or at least would there be some good RP on why the hospital has a bunch of leaguers that have not been to battle, but have traumatic injuries.

Either way, anything to add more good RP to the physic/healing game.


I would think anyone in a free company will know their designated healer and wildcard bravos can just get carted off to hospital or to the Carta Bellamarina’s gutting shed; Bellamarina are the only carta I know of with a physick for hire.

I half suspect that most downed bravos will end up in one of the taverns or the tea shop getting their 5+10 (5 with a physick, 10 of non-strenuous activity) full healing and watching the fight progress fro the sidelines with a mug in their hand.

If it becomes a regular occurence, I can see it becoming a normal part of new healer training at the hospital or even justification for having the Sarvos Medical School field an IC presence.


I’m definitely a physic for hire, but I will probably want to fight.


I fully agree; I have ambidexterity, two weapons and the bravos on the floor have three minutes before they go terminal. It can wait…


As of the end of e3 there were a grand total of 3 Sword-Scholars in Urizen, though there may be more appearing at e4.