What do you still need to do?

So Empire this weekend, what stuff do you still need to do before setting out? And what stuff have you sensibly put down *cough* as something to do for next time :wink: .

Myself I’m cheating by crewing for an event, so all I need to do is finish washing some trousers, polish my IC boots and pack. Being dead is certainly a method of ensuring you don’t have any homework to do :slight_smile:.

How are y’all doing?

i still have to attach feathers to my shoulder pieces, varnish spray my painted crow skulls and mount them on a necklace… I can do that on thursday night… right?

Im also writing my spell casting calls…

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-Update and Print my Pamphlets.
-Repair Bag (needs a button sewed back on)
-Double check I have enough water.containers

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I need to attach a fastening to my robe.
That’s… it. I mean, I also need to figure out how on earth Leah ritual casts, as I’ve done almost no ritual magic before and none as this nation or as this realm but I figure that’s far too big to somehow figure that out overnight.

I’m slightly weirded out by this, I seem to have prepared adequately. What have I forgotten?

Plus packing, of course, but who is counting boring things like that?

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Hoods to finish.
Figure out how to make one horn compatible
Make necklace cords

Crudely hack the collar off a red shirt I found to use for Jotunning.
Bend space and time to force all stuff into a bergan.
Prep journal.

I need to stop the burning… otherwise known as, I’m just bleaching my hair ready for the event :stuck_out_tongue:

Beyond that it’s just a case of writing all my notes down as I cant find the notebook I was using at E1.

  • book ticket/pay in gate now
  • pack
  • tell work I’m not working Friday
  • tell my wife I’m not at home this weekend

Standard weekend at larp

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Work out a decent substitute for the faux fur mantle (that I have spent ages on) because it is obviously going to be too hot to wear this weekend… Also, practice putting new tent up.

I need to pack. And look after wife and small child so that wife can finish making costume and biscuits.

And that’s about it. New character doesn’t yet have the amount of fluff and prep needed that the old one did.

wwellsy, how do you manage to leave all of those items to less than a week away…?

I’ve only just decided to attend haha
Normally come with my boys but decided to send them their nans for a weekend due to the heat.

Means it’ll be my first ever event (in for years) without anyone to look after so really looking forward to being able to skirmish, battle, drink and cause trouble hahah

Preparing to Whisphers Through the Black Gate Elias JUST TO MAKE YOU LIFE MORE AWKWARD :stuck_out_tongue:
(Not really)

Actually, sewing some backup kit.

lots of baking. lots (not that much)

Finishing my daughter’s jerkin, finding a hat for my wife, buying more water-carriers, buying enough coffee to run a League coffee and tea shop (The Tocco di Velluto, situated in the Merchant’s Quarter of the League camp) for a weekend and still just staring into the middle distance while trying to work out how ‘iced coffee’ even works when you have no access to fresh ice each day…


Bottling the honey rum and labeling said bottles, plus a bit of work on my rituals.

Oh yeah, need to clean out my mead dispenser so I can share my gallon or so of mead.

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Your frackin’ honey rum! My last character wanted to come and complain about the unprosperous nature of your honey rum! Because he was seriously considering spending the whole groups IC money on buying bottle after bottle of it!

…It’s very very nice, and priced accordingly. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you! It’s always nice to hear that people like it, it’s popularity really took as by surprise :smile:

We will have enough bottles if you fancy swinging by Varushka this event btw :wink: