What do you want to see at Empire in 2015?

I’m currently surfing a wave of keen for Empire now we’re in the new year I thought I’d start a thread for our hopes for the new year at Empire.

In Highguard I’d like to see more smaller chapters filling out the ranks among the large chapters we have at the moment. Having more 5-10 person groups in each of the territories would make politics more interesting with more potential candidates for Senator. I’d also like to see more unconquered groups in the nation, sure heavy armour is awesome but more folk in black leather lorica and bows would help us round out our look as a nation :slight_smile:.

I’m also hoping that the Imperial Orcs get an infusion of numbers as they’ve taken a bit of a battering this year, hope more people give them a go as they add a great deal to the game.

So what are you hoping for in your nation and the game at large?

I want to see more Sentinels somehow. Urizen has a ninja tradition as well as a mage tradition, but we don’t have many in play. Also, I’d like to see more people from my home territory of Redoubt - coincidentally, Redoubt has a preponderance of sentinels (despite the famous Redoubt spire in play being a bunch of wizards).

Aldermen. We could do with some townies to look down on in the Marches.
Similar to what Mark said, some more groups to contest Senatorial elections in those territories where there’s little contest.
Magic Items getting the shake up they need so that more are useful and we see more variation.
More Synod mud-slinging and condemnation at the Unvirtuous.

I’d like to see more smaller skirmishes and a lot more of them.

Also having to monster if you go on skirmish in another skirmish. To give people a chance of making a difference. Implanting tactics. Adventuring for treasure. That sort of thing.

I would love for Wintermark to invite the orcs to join our camp.

Also love the way Wintermark are run and love our camp!

I would like to see people selling vegetables!!?

Actual Urizen democracy (ok, that’s unlikely unless we get a big influx of new players to be swing voters)

An improved Urizen camp, I have no idea how but I want to do things so that there isn’t any doubt which nation you’re standing in. Although apparently a giant mana ball and fence covered in tiny lights isn’t a big enough hint…

Urizen toddler ritual corps!


Hoping for only a moderate degree of chaos at the first event at the new site … good luck to the crew :sunglasses:

I have to say, I would love more unconquered to go unconq with. It would be amazing to be able to say “Everybody duck!” and then suddenly all the druj are full of arrows/bolts/where did that javelin come from?