What does the Militia do with bite?

So I heard that the Militia confiscate bite? Is this true and if so do they discard it and its then missing from the game or is there some kind of militia Contriband storage place? That could be maybe stolen from???

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Aw ok. Seems like would be a cool part of game if a group of players could arrange some sort of a heist to steal it back.

I believe (although I’m not sure if this is 100% true) that whilst it is confiscated, and eventually gets taken off the field, there is a period of time when it is on the field, in possession of the magistrates. Thus, if you act quickly, theoretically possible to steal.

However, I will warn you that if this is an endeavour you wish to pursue, then the confiscated goods will be under the magistrates’ watch, with probably multiple militia members in the vicinity for most of the time! So even if it is possible, definitely not easy.

They presumably snort it, just like most other people.


It was just a thought that ran through my head. No intention of following through

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Which, given that its where the milita are based its likely stored in the hub where a) there are likely more profitable things to steal, and B) an aweful lot of people at pretty much anytime.

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Isnt a good part of the imperial treasury stored there in a box?

I was gonna say… Theres no money in bite but theres money in money :smiley:

at the right times there are moneys to be paid out to senators, some or all of the Synods virtue fund, payments in to the public auction, fines collected by the magistrates and a bunch of other bits and bobs…

Didn’t someone walk off with the majority of the virtue fund at one point?

Could be my memory playing up but I’m sure I renege hearing about it years ago.

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If someone in the Militia hasn’t once confiscated some then straight away huffed it behind a tent I will be sad haha.

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Yes, at Summer 380YE. A Bourse Civil Servant was inquisitioned about it in Autumn to boot.

We keep those funds in a big, heavy, locked box now.

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