What does your warrior do when they're not fighting?

If your character is primarily a warrior they’ll probably only be fighting in battles and conjunctions for about 3-4 hours over the weekend. What can you do when you’re creating a warrior character and on the field to give yourself more game to get involved with?

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Two misconceptions I commonly encounter are that it’s hard to get involved with Skirmishes, and that skirmishes and battles just happen when you turn up. If you’re leaning hard into the combat game (a separate but related entity to the military game), you can fill almost your entire event with planning for, executing and recovering from skirmishes and battles. Gathering resources, allies and information is a time consuming process and many hands make light work- seek out skirmish organisers and offer your help! Another thing I do a lot of is facilitated by the Urizen Net of the Heavens brief- I’m playing a pure fighty Sentinel, I have no direct voice in Synod or Conclave, but I make it my business to know who does what and what they’re trying to do- and then set out to bring together people and situations that let me have an indirect influence. Finally there is ballgowning (or emotional & relationship RP)- having and playing out IC relationships is rewarding and brings emotional impact to your character, and can lead on to other types of game.


I was a member of the Throneguard, my carta did run a tea-shop, but I often find that being part of a carta and a military group, things just kept happening.

I have ended up invited to a prince’s meeting as a proxy, I have run around trying to get enchantments on my fleet once or twice, I attended a military strategy meeting as the representative of a unit I don’t even belong to, I have chased thieves up and down through Anvil, I have accompanied a carta-member as he tried to get himself murdered by a potential paramour’s adoptive father, I even ended up helping found a cross-nation guild.

And when I actually have to look for game, I visit the hospital (as a doctor), which also puts me right next to the gate where I can overhear the magic words ‘we still need a couple more for this skirmish’ which is why I am usually armed even when doctoring.


Making yourself more effective on the battlefield can get you tons of game, trading for the materials needed for enchanted gear, trading for the mana needed for rituals, trading for herbs and potions and then when you have all your mats finding someone to make them.

Im in a well established group so the above is waaaay easier for me. When not at the MC or visiting people IC or OC or tagging along with some of the other group i do what all good fighters do.

Skirmish, drink, skirmish, drink, main battle, drink, skirmish, drink


Before the game started, I planned to be a warrior who would study the science of sword fighting, then teach others in his spare time. Maybe do a bit of acting on the side.

What I rapidly discovered was that writing comic (League) plays, rehearsing them and then putting them on took up a huge amount of my time and was amazing fun, such that I never really got around to the school of fencing that I’d kinda planned. Our troupe also used to run ‘drama crawls’ where we would tour the taverns of Anvil (and random friends’ tents on occasion) to perform improvised short sketches. It was great fun.

These days most of my time is eaten by being a general and I lament rarely having the time for dramaturgy any more. However, I do take one evening off each event to teach a short dance class in the Senate building, which a bunch of people come to for extra RP opportunities (including many hard bitten fighter types).

Having most of my character points spent in fighting-stuff also does nothing to stand in the way of me meddling in politics and making superb, painless choices about my character’s love life. Ultimately, I feel like whatever your character does as a profession is arguably a backdrop to the wealth of social roleplay on offer.


When I was playing primarily a warrior (Dawnish Pirate Lord), I had long term plans re Virtues and following them.

Specifically, making Dawn (notably awful with money) more Prosperous.

So I spent a good amount of time seeking opportunities, getting enchantments to bring in cash, trying to build future trade partners, and so on.

As a fleet owner I also spent a lot of time talking to people about nautical adventures and persuading them to come with me on future ones…

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The pro-tip from me would be to get involved in the Synod, if you pick up a congregation you’ll never lack for things to be busy with, even if it’s just popping along to the Hub a few times a day to read and vote on the issues of the day. Beyond that you can get deeper involved in your virtue and national assemblies, even if you don’t have a congregation as there’s always a need for people willing to campaign for or against a judgement, getting the vote out needs a lot of people to work. I had lots of fun being a priest of Courage, holding strong opinions on a lot of things and it certainly kept me busy.

Another way to add a string to your bow is to take a resource that allows you to vote for Senators, Farms in the Marches, Businesses in the League, Congregation in Highguard. Get involved in politics, who should be your senator, lobby the one’s you’ve got about stuff in the Senate, or if you’re of a mind to help them I can guarantee that your nations Senators would appreciate it.

One other thing to get involved with is intelligence work, you don’t need to the people who do the scrying to be involved, someone needs to hit the streets ferret out all the information coming in via conjunctions, visions, scrying, heralds, eternals and what have you then bring it all together and understand how it fits. My last character set themselves up as an expert on the Grendel and it was hard work, but I was never lacking for things to do. Your generals will love you if you can bring them properly sourced reliable information :).

There’s three ideas for you :smiley:.