What Happened Down at E2?

On account of being in Scotland, I was unable to come to Empire E2, and I’m sure there are plenty of other LARPers similarly held up. As I write this, somewhere in a field, E2 time in is edging towards an end. But what happened this weekend on the field? Please, share your stories ya’ll XD

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Mud. Mud happened.


It rained, a lot. The mud was awful. A lot of skirmishes didn’t happen because of low numbers. Plot wise, you’d have to find out in character.


I thought it might be a mudpocalypse. :frowning: The best drainage in the world can’t compensate for two months of rain in a week and two thousand tramping LRPers.

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PD were awesome as always, but mud has semi-mystical ways of sapping keen


Bah, mud was well within tolerable limits, thanks to the hard work and preperation of the site crew.

The intermittent heavy rain, on the other hand, was a bit of a dampener.

There were quests, there were battles, there was politicking. Personally, I had a great time.

The battles had the delightful theme of “victory over a pile of our own fallen!”

I spoke to several new players, they all had a good time at the event.


Sounds Coolio. Did anybody retake Free Landin’?

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You’ll have to wait for the winds of war to find out

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The rain on one quest was so hard it left my hearing aids shorted out for 12 hours until they dried :frowning:

Things that have not paused the Conclave Sand Timers:

  • Giant Anthropomorphic Spider Monsters (or GASM for short) attacking.
  • The physical destruction of an Imperial Favour

Things that have paused the Conclave Sand Timers:

  • The sound of E2 2019 rain on the tent

Also, a bench breaking mid-declaration on Friday night!

What’s that? Sounds fun XD

There was also a bench breaking in the imperial orcs ^^ Those who know will know xD

oh one broke in the public action on saturday.
someones been stealing all the nails from the sound of it

One also broke in Conclave. I was sat on it at the time.

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Another bench went in millatary council. A chair busted mid convo as well.


Clearly some kind of seat-breaking curse is afoot

There was certainly some sort of automobile related curse going round. One van with a dead battery, one dead Volvo and another car which could only drive in 3rd just in my group!

Oh, that’s something I can confirm. My car spent most of Friday and Sunday with one warning light on or another. Driving in mud was hell on my clutch and it was a constant struggle to stop the engine overheating.

Free Landing (in Madruga) was reclaimed from the Grendel about a year ago by a Marcher army. You may be thinking about the Cazar Straights in Feroz, which were invaded (again by the Grendel) in the run up to E2. As @thresher said, we won’t know what happens there until the Winds of War are released in the weeks before E3.