What happened to the podcast?

As a new player I loved the podcast - because it gave me a feel for the game, before i started. Was there any announcement explaining why PD stopped making it?

No specific announcement, but they’ve struggled to record any more lately.

Firstly, the LARP season makes it incredibly difficult for them to fit in the time necessary to record a podcast - and they’ve historically been reliant on volunteer assistance to edit them together, as far as I know. Those volunteers get pretty busy too!

They’ve also stated that the last time they tried to sit down and record a podcast, they struggled with the topic - which can knock your momentum off a bit.

I believe they might well look into recording more podcasts over winter - although I wouldn’t expect anything until at least a month or two after the event this weekend.


I can reccomend the “Noobs at Larp” podcast, which has had a few come out…


Yup I know Raff and the other folks at PD want to do more Podcasts, they just need to find the time to do them. It’s a lot more likely they’ll be able to do that over winter fingers crossed.

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I’ve just started listening! One of their E3 episodes mentioned you - congratulations on becoming podcast famous!

I know. :slight_smile: I finally met them this last event, introduced myself, and they were very nice, and showed me the knee brace they’d bought…


Editing isn’t so much the bottleneck - the problem is that the stretch of time from event 2 to event 4 is buttock-clenchingly short. Prose - the winds of fortune, the winds of war, all the other plot - takes a surprising amount of time to write and edit, and the same people who are responsible for the podcasts are responsible for writing it - that being rather the point of the podcasts in the first place.

The off season is less tight, but also people have lives. We’ll see.