What happens if the IC fields 'fill up'?

I know the number of players varies each season, but some areas (Navarr wood area I noticed especially) had a lot more IC tents this event than the previous two. As I want to camp IC at some point, it made me wonder if there will be space left by the time I get around to it!

I know it might be a while off, but I just wondered if there’s a plan for would happen if things get too tight?

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If the IC field fills up then I suspect your nation camp planners will be politely asking for anyone who just wants a sleep tent, i.e. is not trading, providing covered group space managing small kids, or needs space for additional needs to move back to the OOC camping instead.

At the moment also remember this is not PD’s eventual permanent site which they are still looking for as it has several requirements, one of which i’m sure will be enough space for the projected expansion of Empire.

The additional field that hosts Dawn and Wintermark, plus OOC camping space was only added in last year so there have been changes, and we are now on the third site for Empire since the start so it isn’t static at the moment.


Welcome to the forums, Sawdust!

Following the change last year with Wintermark and Dawn being moved to the next field over, this aren’t as crowded as they were, however…

IC camp plans are sorted out by national planners before each event, usually on Facebook or these forums (I joined Facebook specifically to participate in this). As these include the larger groups with multiple big tents, there is often a little room in a corner for a small tent or two. As long as you aren’t fussy who you’re next to.

As CharlieP mentions, if it gets too tight then the planners will ask folk to camp OOC if possible.

And while the Navarri/Imp. Orc woods are pretty finite, there’s nothing stopping you camping on the main field, either alongside the Navarri contingent there, or even in the next nation if it’s too full.

The danger has usually been that one tent is misplaced according to the plan, which means the next one is moved down a bit, and then someone finds their space filled, and moves somewhere completely different, and you end up with several groups trying to cram their tents into a small space…

Basically, if you’re with a group, make sure you get counted during camp planning. If you’re camping IC solo, you should be able to squeeze in somewhere.