What happens (OC) to stuff sent to Ephisis?

If I were to bake a cake, and then send it to Ephisis with an OC note saying “for the wonderful PD crew” would it get to the crew or would it need to be dealt with IC.

I appreciate that 2 mana is a lot for me being too lazy to walk to GoD and deliver cake OOC, but given how frequently I get to GoD it might be the only means of a cake getting there before it goes stale.

Actually, I now realise the key flaw in the plan is that an 8" box is too small to hold any reasonable sized cake, but I’m still curious about what happens to any edibles sent to Ephisis.

I reckon an 8"x8"x8" cube is a respectable amount of cake. You’d probably need to do it as a stack of three cakes, each baked in an 8"x8" square tin (or you can cut an 8x8 square from a round of diameter 11.314 or more).

I am not crew, but I’d be amazed if they didn’t eat it (though they would have to wait for you to accept the trade of whatever you get in exchange).

While Ephisis may regard the paper and ink merely as trade products, OOC if you sent a contains gluten eggs etc it might be read.

It will go to the plot desk, we will substitute it for something of similar (minimal) IC value, and then it will come back out if you refuse the trade.

If you accept the trade, we will eat it.

Can I change hat colour? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not take too long discussing the trade or it might be eaten anyway. As the constellation of the Toad teaches “things get eaten.”

I hear where an Ephisis box is the size of a foodservice pack of Freddos.

The Navarr messenger service is generally also happy to deliver things all over the field and occasionally off it - especially when bribed with cake (subtle hint). Can often be recognised by blue and yellow ribbons, or just talking to any Navarri who doesn’t seem to already be heading elsewhere.