What has been your favourite monstering role?

Because I have loads of keen right now, tell me your favourite monstering roles you’ve had at Empire. :smiley:

Knight of Elleonaris was quite fun, if difficult to distinguish from playing my usual Dawnish Knight.

Werewolves in the woods, howling at Twilight around a fragmenting expedition from Urizen…

I monstered a couple of linears for the academy. One that is…highly memorable and generated a good story:

The Academy goes into the mana mines to lure out and bash the gremlins. They band drums and ring bells and the gremlins appear (I’m a gremlin). In my mismatched costume and claws and facepaint, I roar and loom at one sturdy 8-year-old, who looks up at me with a determined expression on his little face, steps forwards, raises his shield…

…and hits me in the teeth with it.

The Academy Field Trips are learning experiences, IC and OOC. And he learnt that when the monster falls over swearing and spitting blood… (a) You’ve killed it, well done, and (b) don’t do that again.

I just had a split lip. Damn, they’re a bloodthirsty lot in the Academy…


I think I was on that one with my very small in a sling. The cheers when the kids found out they could attack the bad guys were, um… a bit on the bloodthirsty side!

Monster roles for me was being part of the massive archery block during the Grendel battle with the Dragon. It was a lot of fun to rain arrows on the Dawnish. And I think it was at E4 just gone, on the big Grendel skirmish which was so popular we had to run it twice… we ended up ransoming about 20 players back. Oops.


It was one of the big battles where the players were theoretically meant to be rescuing some Navarr, or at least that was what we were told.

So we decided that we were a small family unit from Brockden, and basically before the start of the game, we went to ground. The first hiding place we were at one point completely surrounded by Orcs and they didn’t notice, after about 15 minutes of that, the orc pressure around us dies down and we decide to see if we can get out of whatever is going on.

I think the next 15 minutes we spend playing hide and seek with the Orcs, until we finally glimpse more humans, the rest of the Navarr NPC’s who told us of safety behind imperial lines. So bigger group, more chance of being spotted and now we had to break through the orc lines. I think we were spotted twice and had to leg it, before we finally found an opportunity to break through.


One of my favourites was playing a Grendal raiders on a large scale skirmish. It was so popular they team ran it twice. We were defending a stockade and had some big monsters with us. It wasn’t the fighting but RPing with our 20 captive players. So much tension.


Monstering as a Janon herald who was called something like “Delight in carnage” or similar was a lot of fun, I don’t get to be that maniacally enthusiastic at people that often, this time I was actively encouraged to take all the breaks off :slight_smile:. Was a lot of fun encouraging people to tell us about their passions and it was also fun to help everyone put on a bit of a show for that.


It was my very first time (at I think my first event) monstering for a quest/skirmish I think. We were playing some kind of freedom cultists with the absolute worst “Varushkan” accents and we had so much fun joking around and praising freedom. Including “freeing” ourselves from the mortal coil. Or “freeing” some of the Imperials from their friends, leading them into the fort, and making a fight club like circle. We ended up letting the guy go after the portal closed and telling him to enjoy his walk back to the Empire. I can’t remember for the life of me the point of the quest but I had a lot of fun getting into a temporary character with “comrades”.

Monstering the big battle has never been much fun for me due to being shoved in a melee role most of the time. Our shiny new EMU should fix that though.


Playing Human Jotun and getting to keep the imperial lines occupied with a song. (also being able to shout “it’s our mourn!” at the Marchers.

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I mean, sounds like one of your well-known Odyssey roles.

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Could be thinking of a remarkably simmilar occasion but I’m pretty sure I was the guy you captured for the fight club! Think I have a photo somehwere someone took from the sidelines. Believe it was summer year 2? the site without trees.

That whole skirmish was fantastic, one of my favourites, but the RP after getting captured was even better.

Essentially we were a force lead by the cardinal of vigilance to destroy an encampment of freedom heretics, from what I remember the heretics absolutley did us over and the force retreated, at which point I get shot in the leg or something like that.

Was healed up and made to fight a group of heretics one by one in a circle in the fort, great fun and good rp, some very good fighters in that group it felt like, or maybe i’m just rubbish :laughing:

They thought i’d put up a good fight so decided to give me a head start back to the portal, an archer was told to fire a shot to mark the point I could start running - puniest shot ever, got about a metre’s lead. Don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast in my life, maybe they let me get away, sadly the group of heretics by the portal hadn’t got the memo and cut me down. Portal was closed already anyway though, Was promptly healed and ‘released’ into the woods of Varushka.

Ref said it’d take the rest of the event to get home so decided that my character had been eaten by a monster in those horrible woods, lead to me making a much more entertaining new priest character, which was yet another positive of the experience funnily enough.

Certainly my favourite experience at empire so far, despie collapsing of heatstroke/dehydration or something immediatley afterwards, shoud’ve been more careful with water, you live and learn!

The people monstering that skirmish and the crew were absolutley incredible, they all seemed to feel terrible because my character couldn’t get home through the portal, I didn’t mind at all, I call it my Andy Mcknabb moment to this day. Was a bit too ill to properly chat with them all on the way back monster but I’m pretty sure I managed to thank them at least, so thanks again for your part!


Mine was event 2 I think ,when it was turn up and help with any skirmish you can.
I was playing an orc miner who had stumbled upon some horrid Alien esq creatures in the mine. 3 of us had to run away from them towards an imperial force. We were hacked down instantly but the looks on the highguard (I think) as the aliens tore into them.

A skirmish, years ago, monstering vs Urizen. We’d been carefully briefed and costumed, and were hidden in the woods. Urizen were presented with a big red button and a spirit telling them NOT to press it. So they pressed it. And in the gathering twilight, from all around them, a chorus of howls resonated through the forest as the werewolves moved in…

…wolfpack tactics, hunting stragglers through the woods, sound effects and pyrotechnics and desperate battlemagi and sentinels fighting their way out, as the wolves circled in the shadow of the trees…

Lottsa fun :slight_smile:

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Unity cultists, being led by people who turned out to have parasites controlling them*. Impromptu singing, comradeship, and confused Imperial Citizens who didn’t know how to handle the situation resulting in my character sobbing into a fallen tree as the situation imploded. Eventually the players tried to take me back through the gate but the magic wouldn’t take me, and I waved goodbye forlornly as they vanished.

Good times.

*Possibly. Details are pretty hazy now, I may have this confused with something else by now.

I was on that one Laura…

“We stand in Unity…
for all eternity…
In unity we stand,
spread peace across the land…”

Yes, it was all mind-controlling parasites and zealous Citizens and much screaming and angst and RP…

There was also a spin off series: “Herman the brain crab, Herman the brain crab, Herman the brain crab (and his ghostly friend Sebastien!)”

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I was on a skirmish a couple years ago as a vallorn husk. We were huddling around a fort and a bunch of navaar turn up. I forget what they tried to do but they did it badly. The greatest bit was we we all had 3 lines we could say and repeat. “Whats That”, “Who Goes There”, and my fave, “LORNA”. It was damm creepy.

Oh it was a disaster. 3 people died. They sent someone back to save them, and ended up just looting there rapidly cooling bodies.

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Playing a small group of Feni last year and spending the entire battle schlepping through ferns and doing hit-and-run skirmish actions on exposed backs, and getting into trouble near Marchers and Navarr and having some excellent shouting and narghing and fleeing.

Navarri refugees! Running for my life for an hour and a half and employing half remembered shnurlging underneath braken techniques!

And the few times I’ve been dead or about at the right time and getting to NPC for Past Live Visions, wherein one I auditioned for by proving I could achieve really ugly crying and got to help ruin my previous character’s notsoulmate. I count myself really lucky to have been given the chance to see inside that tent of PlotAngst and be awful at a captive audience whose first action after the event is to swear revenge.


E4 was my first event so I only have that as my experience of monstering. I was in the wave riders which I think was a Grendel skirmishing unit for the Sunday battle. I remember letting out a huge battle cry as we charged the Empire’s left flank, my Orcish brethren running along side me, their cleavers flailing in the morning gloom and I immediately got shot in the face and in the chest by three archers. There was a ref laughing at me… Good times.


I am still not over the fact that I got to ride one of the war beasts at E4. I do not think I will ever shut up about it.


I can’t remember which event it was but I got to play a Herald of Eleonaris fighting alongside the Jotun.
Unlike the Jotun, those of us playing Heralds were told we could issue and fight honour duels as we saw fit.

During the battle I came across a downed, injured Wintermarker who some Jotun were about to execute. The player was quite clearly new to Empire so, rather than let him lose his first character, I decided to give him a sporting chance. I ordered a jotun to heal him up, then dragged him to the front lines and offered to duel him. Credit to the player, he did a great job of roleplaying being scared and heavily injured and I rather easily bested him. However, as a herald I decided I was like a cat playing with a mouse; I wasn’t done with him yet.

So I had him healed again and started duelling him again, all the while yelling at the nearby Wintermarkers how honour-less they were for not coming to help him.

Eventually I told him to run for his battle-lines; if I caught him I’d kill him. Luckily for him his friends finally came and saved him, and cut me down in the process.

The thing that made it for me is, as I was walking off the field a ref came jogging over and told me the player had asked him to thank me for a fun interaction.