What have you done whilst "under the influence" of auras?

Tell me what cool things you’ve done as a result of being affected by the priest skills! Double points if you can recall the virtue and name of the aura.

Note: “being affected by” not “casting on other people” please! :heart:

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Probably taking command of my family unit on the battlefield. Agnieszka would have never had the courage to do it otherwise. It was brilliant!

It was one of the old auras of Courage, can’t remember which one now.

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I saw a guy kill himself while under a purity/hatred aura… We got a physic in time though.

Under a Wisdom Aura (to help with the battle that morning) of something like “make a plan, follow through” gone and taken Goosewhisper with slightly less than serious intent :slight_smile:.

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Charged a gate 9 times in a row deu to a cocktail of iron blood courage anointing and a truly evil artifact weapon. "For pride, for courage for the empire !into them Navarr into them!! Strikedown cleave brutal panel beating dragged back to line vervain mazz marrow wort rinse repeat.


The Purity of Courage

  • Any uncertainty about your chosen path falls away. Fears and doubts - whether your own or those of other people - do not move you.

Ran for Senate, was elected and thus began my 2 year (before stepping down due to ill health) run as Senator Miekarova


Not sure if this counts as cool enough, but:

  • Insighted a couple of Day heralds for research purposes.
  • Got a delightful magical injury that makes you want to babble a lot.
  • Threw Clarity of Wisdom on myself (it makes you want to express yourself clearly and concisely) so I could ignore the injury for a while and go and insight a bunch more people!
  • Once we’d done a bunch more Insights, and one of the Day heralds had got quite concerned about how that injury was still hanging around, went to the hospital and got cut open so a physick could transcribe my organs. As you do.

Oh! My soul got held together with Wisdom glue that time…

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