What have you learned from E1?

And now, oh new players, many of you have had a go at the first Empire event of 2022.

Year 8, Event 1, The Winter Wind.
(why yes, I made the name up. Better ideas happily recieved)

For those waiting til E2 to get started, for other new players, to all of you with one event under your belt…

…what have you learned?

What have you worked out about the game and the parts of it?
What skills will you be changing or keeping?
What do you consider to be the best bits of the event?
What mistakes did you make, in camping or in play, that you can avoid next time?
Did you bring enough warm socks? :smiley:


I learnt that if you play in Urizen, but have plot in Navarr or Dawn you will do a lot of walking back and forth…and learn to despise that hill into the Navarri camp.

Possibly need to bring more warm base layers for E4. But that durned wind made everything worse, as when it was still it was quite warm.

Think that blister plasters need to go into my group OC pack


I learnt that my camping mattress, despite my attempts at repair, is no good and I will have to replace it. Booo.

I’ve learnt that sometimes you just have to change nations to find the game that you and your character want to play… and that that’s okay. :slight_smile:


I have learned that separating my own behaviour from my character’s is harder than I thought! Definitely requires some fine-tuning to get the right balance of “me-being-nice-to-everyone” and “my-character-having-contentious-opinions”.

On an OC note: I focused so hard on having enough warm socks, I could have done with more warm blankets.

  1. Archers are underrated.
  2. Ambidextrous doesn’t work well in a shield wall.
  3. Use the bathroom before the battle.
  4. Covering Navarr healers is like herding cats that are on fire.
  5. 18 rings doesn’t get you a lot of beer
  6. Make sure to check your tent guy ropes every night.
  7. Soak up every minute, the weekend flies by and before you know it you’re driving home.

Bring moisturiser and use it! Wind burn makes your skin just as peely as sunburn, and lots of hand gel cracks your nails!


Just walking up to people and saying “do you have a job I can do?” is a great way to have fun. And achy feet. And fun.

And that many long-standing players are awesomely welcoming to newbies.

  1. I am not a crossbow person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Being a senator is a full time job, getting a proxy to help is big and clever.
  3. Get lip balm, wind will dry those lips something horrid.
  4. If you charge off by yourself unsupported and get dropped on the battlefield your group might not come and save you, because some shouty in command dick like myself will go “no you’ll die as well, stay right where you are”. So yeah, them’s the breaks.

(Does new to a nation count?)

Fishing bed-chairs are better for the sloping ground than sleeping on the ground or in a camp bed that doesn’t lay horizontal on a slope. Many layers below one is key to staying warm during sleep.

Red lights for reading and writing works better than a white light.

Push through the hesitation and say, ‘Yes’ (or ‘No’). One’s ambitions don’t always have to be big plot Ambitions to still be ambitious.

Make sure one drinks enough water; dehydration makes walking, sleeping, thinking, and doing, extra challenging.

  1. Hand warmers literally saved my life. Okay, not literally, but in Conclave on Saturday I was able to sit there with nice toasty hands, despite the freezing wind.
  2. Also on the topic of Conclave, it may well be wise to bring a cushion next time.
  3. Skipping the battles for the sake of sleep (and keeping my character alive) was the best decision I made this event. I went once before and the tiredness from the battle kind of ruined the rest of the event for me.
  4. Telling people to come talk to you about something is not very useful if no one can find you.
  5. Camping IC made me feel so much more involved, it was great. It also helped me with managing my spoons, as I could escape without having to fully leave character.
  6. Bringing a gardening fork was so useful in setting up. I was in the back of the Navarr woods camp, and there was still so many brambles on / in the ground, my mum and I had to spend nearly two hours clearing the ground before even starting on the tent.
  7. Get ambitious! Not only will you be virtuous, but trying to become important gives so much game, and people are really willing to help you out. (by the way if any new Navarri vates are reading this, I’m setting up a new Spring coven, and you can join!). Also, while I didn’t speak at Conclave yet, you definitely should if you have an opinion on something.
  8. Be vigilant. I saw someone at Songs and Stories in a strange owl mask. I only realised just after they left that they may have been a herald and I probably should have intercepted them.
  9. Even with so many players there’s always still a niche! Just find the intersection of you character’s interests and contacts, and there’s probably something you can do for them that you are in a better position for than anyone else.
  10. Rank 3 in a realm is actually pretty powerful, and immediately makes you a significant addition to any ritual!
  1. It’s theoretically possible to cast Call Winged Messenger when the message hasn’t been prepared during downtime, but practically impossible
  2. Especially when you’re asked to do it Sunday morning
  3. And if you’re trying to do the admin for that and Scales of Ephisis, two hours before time-out, you’re going to spend a lot of time in God
  4. Preparing a OC pamphlet on what someone will need to do if they want to get Call Winged Messenger cast during an event would be big and clever

(I managed to get Scales cast, but not CWM)

  1. Carting something heavy up to a national camp and then trying to find the person you’re delivering it to is a bad idea. Better to locate them first and arrange a time for delivery or collection
  1. Eat even when you are not hungry! You will need it.
  2. Take a nap you will feel so much better
  3. Listen into conversations, it’s not being nosey it’s being vigilant.