What is a Quiet Camp?

Really silly question I’m sure, but as a non-camper and a newbie these terms are new to me. It sounds like something I would be interested in as we have an OOC tent and a family so if it means the camp is quiet after certain hours that would appeal. However are there proper rules and restrictions I need to be aware of? I can’t find anything specific on the wiki. Also can you have your car near your tent or are they separate.Thanks in advance!

Yes you can park your car next to your tent and the quiet camp is just the area where PD asks that you keep the noise down after 10pm, saving the partying for the IC field or main OOC camping area :slight_smile: .

Thank you so much! That’s great. :slight_smile:

There is one other quiet camp, down past the Varushkan end of the field, which is quieter but where you cannot park your car next to your tent. So there’s a couple of choices.


Nowhere will be silent though, noise carries at night and there will often be a few groups who stay up through most of the night on at least one evening. It’ll be muffled by distance but it won’t be completely quiet.

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Ear plugs are my best friends. As much for the snoring in the tents around as anything else…

Oh she has earplugs, because between the three of us, I think we can outsnore most tents…