What IS Anvil?

Looking through interestingly, the single place in the Empire that I cannot find a wikipedia page on is Anvil itself. As the focal points of the games it is referenced in a lot of places, but (unless I am being blind, it’s really rather possible), I cannot find any page detailing the nature and history of Anvil.

Obviously, it is the meeting place of the Imperial Senate; it is the location of both the Imperial Regio and the Sentinel Gate. What about between events?

Is Anvil a city or a camp? Does it have a resident population, or indeed a standing garrison? Is it fortified, or is it literally just a field until the Heroes roll into town every three months? Is it literally just the size of Tournament Stud, or can there be considered a larger area where servants/supply carts/IC friends/military units/etc can camp (or indeed deliberately undefined for the sake of roleplay?)

Has the player base gotany ideas of what they envisage Anvil to be like? Especially once the circus has left town?

EDIT: Been linked to the Casinea page now, thanks!

Any ideas?

From the Casinea region Gazette page:

[quote]Places of Interest
The ruins of the old smithy in which the first Empress took shelter from her enemies when a young woman. Said to be where the first open declaration of the dream of Empire was made. After her ascension to the Imperial throne, the Empress declared that the small settlement would be preserved for the lifetime of the Empire in memory of sacrifices made by those sheltering her. Since then Imperial parliaments have been held there, but the town itself has never been allowed to grow.[/quote]

Loads of pages aren’t really listed, but if you use the search function you find them.

Try looking up horses, legendary beasts and mundane beasts.

Anvil is in Casinea, Highguard. profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … f_Interest

If you look at this map of he recently conquered territory of Reikos, Anvil is about 80 miles along that road going west.

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … eikos2.png

Somewhere between the Last Homely House and a Hive of Scum and Villany.

“We just don’t know!”

My mental image of the place, what with the Anvil Regio and the Sentinel Gate, is as a fantasy ICBM silo.