What is it like to play a field medic?

Hi there, I’m looking to come to an event later in the year, was thinking about the different roles and came across the surgeon skills.

  • How do you play a medic?
  • What’s it like compared with other roles you’ve had?
  • What skills did you spend your other points on?
  • What are your outfit and phys-rep like?

Thanks a lot, I’m very excited.

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Good morning to you.
I play a battlefield surgeon in a league free company, so I take to the field in heavy armour, a halberd and my surgery skill.

Being a churigen is effectively being a paramedic. You can stop some one from bleeding out with a little roleplay, but that about it. Its a cheep skill and some people take it just for that. With just churigen you can have more points in other skills and just dabble in the medic skills.
Physik is more of an investment but such fun to play with. costing 4 in total, it allows you to treat people bleeding out, but also apply medicinal herbs to set bones or heal wounds, remove poisons and such. Their are many ways on treating people, I am a surgeon (From one of the great universities of Holburg), Some people use crystals, others balance the humers, some apply leaches, some people heal by singing ect ect. How you heal means little, other than you have the skill so your tools can be very different from person to person. I have a set of flexi-core tools i use a and a canvas wrap.

I am a combat heavy in a halberd company. So my starting skills are:
Weapon master (2)
Extra Hit Point (2)
Churigen and Physik (4)
Since then , I have taken hero points, Mortal blow, “Get it together” and Extra Bleed Out. This gives me a good combat role when we get started and when we get battered I swap out of the line and start healing to keep people fresh.

Theres a lot of game in this and it doesnt impact too much on other things you want to do. There is the anvil hospital for things to do in the field, but most of your work is on the battle field.

I do remember there being a few other threads on this topic. Would be worth having a brief look at them and see if any more specific questions come up. All ways happy help a fellow medic.


Heya, I play a Varushkan ‘battle physic’. Basically I lurk close to the front line and treat injuries with herbs and simple surgery (more complex surgery is avoided by the use of marrowort). I also defend the mage healers and fight on the line as required. I wear heavy armour, when asked why, my response was ‘who is the last person you want to fall over??’ They get the point. I now have hero points and unstoppable to keep myself up. The Anvil Hospital is a great place to go post battle to help treat traumatic wounds and a good place to hang out as skirmishes are always going through the gate.


Battlefield medic you’re either not busy or very busy, not much in between.

You need to practice battlefield awareness, because you need to be able to get to the fallen preferably without adding yourself to the casualty list and decide whether you have time to fix whatever the problem is before the line moves again. Especially important if you’re on your knees and the line hasn’t looked down!

I play a healer with mage skills so only mage armour also so I am squishy, so I have a responsibility to try and stay out of the thick of the fighting.

My field kit consists of a bag with a bandage bandolier, along with spare rags, bottle of fake blood (if that suits and the patient agrees) and some twists of fabric with tea bag contents in for my herb physreps. I do have a surgical kit, but they’re a bit pointy for battlefield use, so I reserve them for use in the hospital where I’m less likely to get jogged into poking someone.

What nation are you thinking of? Different nations have different takes on theme of medic.

I’m going with a group, and we have yet to talk about which nation we’re going as, I’ll get back to you.

On leeches, I’ve seen them mentioned a couple of times. Silly question maybe, do people bring live leeches?

Hell’s No.
Usually they are rubber, or better sweets. and tbh on the actual battlefield how much care you take is comparable to how close the enemy is.
Miles away from the front line- “aww, got a boo boo, let me set that for you…”
So close you can smell the orc…
Me- “You worried about that scratch!, (leg is “dislocated” read:cleaved)” [stomps on foot and pulls up the body while force feeding Cerulean Mezzanine]
Vic- “Arrgh”
Orcs- “bloody hell”
Rest of unit " kill them so we don’t have to go near the Doc!!!"

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Please note; we don’t actually physically stomp on feet; you should never touch another player without OC permission!

Gotcha, it’s really cool how conscious this community is of rp boundaries and awareness. Since I started reading threads here that’s really come across.

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Since people have already talked about the rules aspect i’m gonna focus on other things:

i am a new player (only been to one event) but out of the two engagements where i played a medic (1 IC skirmish and on battle as a orc) i fucking loved it.

there are not really and hard fast rules on how you heal some one so there is alot of room for
fun things.

for example when i first started healing i just tied a bandage and rubbed some herbs into a wound

but by the time i monstered as a orc medic i was yelling at people to stop whining whilst i rubbed salt in their wounds.

Also the non Battle field healing is pretty awesome. but thats a story for a different post.

oh yeah my kit is a punch of potion bottles with fancy things inside. a meteric shit ton of bandages (don’t expect to ever see them again) a hood thingy, a needle and thread (blunted) and a cool little bag to put all the stuff in.

I’m sorry I didnt make it clear. This is how I RP with my unit, they love the rough stuff. With people your unfamiliar with, be more conscious about touching and manner (but that doesn’t mean you cant be have fun with it still, just dont just grab people).
With people I don’t know I tend to be more polite about thing. When I do the “stomp” its with people who are willing to be innocent patients and I am not only hamming it up, but channelling the immortal spirit of Hawkeye Pierce as the meatball, quick and dirty style medicine.
I also dislike the idea of broken bones being mended by herbs and quick surgery. I like to think its more like dislocations, torn tendons, muscles gone into spasm and unable to function, nerve issues ect. I save proper broken bones for the end of the battle where I have more time or access to the hospital to splint it or RP it properly.

So. Much. Fun.
My preferred style involves heavy chest armour, sword and buckler, looking confident, and a willingness to counter-charge flankers. I played the healer for a bill block, sitting behind the line with the archers. We’d do pre-emptive healing, grab anyone who got dropped or Cleaved and pull them back, or menace anyone that got behind the lines looking for a squishy target.

The key skill is good reactions for spotting a probable casualty and offering assistance. A few times I was Physicking, I accidentally tried to pick up people who’d only taken a Strikedown :slight_smile: . Remember, it takes 2 hands free to move a character, which is why I preferred weapons I could stow on my belt. It’s that or get someone else to help.

In my first PC’s later career, he used a polearm and his unit was well-supplied with medics. meaning he was a second-line fighter who would occasionally step out to heal people if the main physicks got swamped. I enjoyed that less.


Also do remember to talk to your patient and tell them what you are doing, and how much it should hurt. It really helps their roleplay and makes it more fun for both of you.

“What have we here? Didn’t dodge that arrow very well did you?”
“Right well I’ll start by cleaning some of this muck, might sting a bit”
“I realise this tastes horrible but you’re going to swallow it anyway aren’t you?”
“Brace yourself, need to get this back in position”


Great advice! I’m really looking forward to that. Not to be like “I do improv” but, I do improv, and there’s a lot of using lines to telegraph stuff to other players.

Which is very important when you want to keep everything consensual. The best healing is hands-on, but you don’t want to touch someone who doesn’t want to be touched.

To be fair, it’s half the reason I narrate my first-aid when I am at work; far less likely to get in trouble if everyone in hearing-range knows what you are trying to do and the casualty can stop you before you do anything problematic.