What is the early booking deadline for?

What does it mean?

It simple means if you book before this time then you pay less.

how much less?

All the prices are displayed on the booking page.

About a £15 difference between early booking and gate price, I think, but do check the website as I booked over last winter and I can’t remember!

But the deadline is 15th August.

You can also if it’s your first event use codes to get an extra £15 off.


2017 Autumn Equinox
Early Booking £65.00 Aug 15, 2017
Late Booking £70.00 Sep 3, 2017
Gate Booking £80.00 Sep 17, 2017

Anyone who is a full time student, a full time member of the armed services, a pensioner, or receives state benefits as their main income is eligible for the concession on the ticket price. - Which I believe is £15