What is your character doing this weekend?

Our player characters are the movers and shakers of the Empire. Which is why they drop by Anvil several times a year.

But if you’re reading this, it’s a fair bet that YOUR character is not at Anvil at the moment…

so what are they doing?

On campaign with the armies? Carousing in the cities? Tending their farm?

Flesh them out a little… with the great and the good (or at any rate, the rich and the egotistical) all elsewhere, what is your player character doing…?

My character is a Dawnish Steward. So with my Lord and his battle-siblings off at Anvil, he is likely checking the harvest, stock-taking the armoury, and making a list of “issues to raise with mi’Lord”.

Also looking after trod-walkers, collecting rumours and reports of the Druj, tending his mana site, and trying to prevent his small son from getting into more than the usual amount of trouble.

And, because he knows his Lord, making a large stockpile of supplies just in case all the nobles are intending to go on a grand quest over the hills and far away… It’s Dawn. Always a strong possibility…

As one of the doctors of Sarvos , he is probably still dealing with all the glass-related injuries that come from every mirror in the city shattering at once. Three months later and they still keep injuring themselves in their illicit (but prosperous) trade of shards ‘recovered’ from important buildings.

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