What is your favorite rune?

whats your favorite rune(s) (not your character’s) and why?
here’s the runes for reference

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here’s a thing if your into that

I like Leigheas

Lann. I’m self-employed, so it’s good, I guess.

Mainly, though, it’s because it’s on my game-item-turned-daily-jewellery.

I’m a fan of Sular myself, nice strong visual image evoking a sail and it’s a nice concept. I also like the connections it has with Atun :slight_smile:.

Btw remember that we’ve got runes as one of the icon sets on the forum, just click on the emoji button and scroll to the bottom set and you’ll get :sular:


my favorite is :wyr:, because its called “the serpent” and it does look like a serpent with little wings and for some reason i find that adorable.


That may be by design. The night realm serpents are all feathered, winged serpents.

Pallas; put it on everything :wink: