What nation does this kit best suit?


So to what nation would this kit belong? I was thinking probably the league or dawn maybe 🤷🏼

P.s Used at my first Larp earlier this year, there is also a Tudor muffin hat with much plumage.

I’d like to come to an event if I can, if and when one happens O.o

Probably the League, especially with the fancy head gear also.

It’s the right colour palette (rich Autumn) and the fancy sleeves and cod piece are definitely correct.

You’ll want to add some jewellery, for the League some finger rings. A half cloak with look good too.

You could adapt for Dawn, a chaperon instead of the tudor hat, and slightly plainer trousers, and perhaps add a livery chain, you’d probably want to come in as a Noble though.

On the other hand - change the jacket for something blue and add a bit of braid and you’re Varushkan. Make the jacket black and it would work for Highguard. Change the shirt for something coloured, add a whole bunch of scarves and a tagelmust in even more bright colours and it would work for Brass Coast so you have options!


That looks pure League to me, specifically one of the Southern cities like Sarvos. The clashing colours, the codpiece, the landsknecht chic…


Cool I’ll take a look at those areas :+1:
Thanks very much for both of your feedback :grin:

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You’ll want to add some jewellery, for the League some finger rings. A half cloak with look good too.

Any advice on finding ic jewellery?

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Hunt charity shops for the cheapest options!

Depending on the size of your hands and what you’re comfortable wearing, you could also make them, bit of wire and some pliers, they don’t need to be complex.

I have two rings from Wish. Maybe I got lucky, but £1 and free shipping was not too much of a risk.

I’ve got big hands and thick fingers. I did try for a previous character for rings but didn’t have much luck. It’s generally a challenge to find anything that fits me as I’m rather large apparently.

Dawn. Just Dawn. Whatever you say I’m just going to say that’s so Dawn.

:thinking: in order to try and narrow it down some more, the character I will be playing is a minstrel/bard type, I dabble in the gittern and I sing, repertoire currently consists mostly of old British murder ballads, where would that best place me nation wise?

Song singers and players are welcome anywhere.

In Dawn you could go for the title of Troubadour - storytellers of the glorious deeds, chroniclers, and sometimes priests.

In the League they go for comedic stuff and / or performance art, especially poking fun at another, or anything about cunning, making a good or bad deal etc, sometimes linked with ritual magic.

Anyone with an instrument is always welcome at most gatherings and you can also do quite well selling song words if you want to.

If you are filking existing songs juts be careful of the gender roles from historical pieces. In the Empire it is just as likely for a man to be pining at home for his soldier wife, and any group of people from one profession will be mixed, so not just lads around the drum, or ladies gathering flowers so you may want to make some adjustments where needed.

Sorry that isn’t much help with deciding the nation, but do remember if you pick something and it doesn’t produce the fun you hope when you hit the field it’s very easy to go back to GOD and change your choices.


You can do the bard thing in any nation, they all have their own music briefs, this is the League’s Music page and I suspect you’d fit into the “low culture” section of that :slight_smile: (which is a fun place to be). But read around, here’s a few of the other music pages - The Marches Music | Dawn Music | The Brass Coast Music