What spells protect weedy magicians?

• I am not a battle mage
• for some reason I still wanna do battles
• but I need to pick spell that means I won’t die instantly
which spell?
• shatter, paralysis, repel, etc.
• OOOR empower, heal, etc.

EDIT: I’ve decided to pick heal. Thanks for the various points you guys have made!

Your best bet is to pick skills and spells that will encourage the rest of your group / nation to protect you.

So I would have a quick query with your group nation as to what they feel they are short of, whether that’s magical healers, magical fixers (the mend spell) or Empower, and possibly what other skills you could also pick up to help, hero points for stay with me or get it together, or chirugeon or physik skills.

I did survive several battles as a healer and mend mage, by staying behind the front lines and my group watching my back while I picked the up or fixed their stuff. Be prepared to run if you need to, and practice keeping an eye on the situation around you.


Unless you plan to cast magic on the battlefield, there’s nothing stopping you from strapping on some armour.


If you’re happy to wear armour, put on some armour and pretend you’re not a wizard in battles. If you’re not, you will want to pick up something useful to do from behind the front line (heal, mend, purify, restore limb).

If you want a pure battlefield self-defense spell then Repel is where it’s at, but you probably want to have something useful to do on the battlefield first - that could be e.g. ‘I carry water’, ‘I run messages’ or ‘I hold a banner which shows people where the healing rally point is’ rather than necessarily something mechanical, though.

Remember everyone can use a buckler - unless your ‘what to do on the battlefield’ plan required your offhand to be in use at all times, it’s better than nothing as a second thing to hold.


Thanks, but this is assuming I’m poor, and don’t have a metal plate harness for a few hundred. The buckler is a good idea though. Heck I could make that.

Situational Awareness and knowing that you’re a glass cannon :slight_smile:.

I’ve found Repair Limb to be the most cast of my spells, which is useful at getting warriors off the floor, especially in retreat. So attach yourself to a unit that you think you can keep up with and make sure they know what you can do and your limitations.

Repel is also helpful, but again to be useful you need to stick with some people who can hit your target more as they run away. Mages are best used in conjunction with other troops, so getting some practice working together with the same people is very helpful.

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Judging by people talk of support role I’m guessing you can’t get very close to paralyse them…

Yes you can but that works best with a getting yourself a full sized shield to use with a rod, or a stave which you can paralyse people from the second rank. Also knowing when to run in and run away, good cardio remains OP :slight_smile:.


Heal/restore limb/mend and maybe purify are good for having a reason to be well away from the front line. Empower is also very much a second line spell. If you want to be in the fight, repel is probably the most efficient.

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I would avoid mend as your only spell. With artisans oil now a thing artisans can do it easier more regular. A back up for an emergency maybe, but you don’t want to only mend weapons. I would suggest mend limb, or maybe repel.

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I would probably go for buckler, one-handed weapon, and whatever armour I could manage.

Though not cheap, armour doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, especially if you can find some used, e.g. on eBay.

For heavy you can get a new steel chain hauberk or similar for well under £100.

For light and medium there are various leather options, or perhaps you could assemble something medium from a couple of used butchers’ aprons or similar (fine stainless-steel chain).

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I’ll look into that thanks

If you do want to use magic on the battlefield, I’m a big fan of REPEL for getting out of a sticky situation. Essentially a big “Sod off!” while you start scarpering in the other direction.

I think shields are under-rated, especially larger ones. If you want to be a battle mage, I’d say don’t bother wearing mage armour and holding a staff. Just get a rod, a big ish shield with the appropriate skill, and a few spells up your sleeves like heal and repel along with a ritual or two so you can be a healer while also not getting shot by a stray arrow. That being said, it might be better to practise beforehand using both at the same time. Probably better for travelling mages who want to survive getting caught out alone though rather than full on support roles.

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Shields do work, but probably not in Highguard or other nations which do shield walls as you keep getting dragged into them and then falling over because your legs don’t have metal on them :smiley:. More skirmishy nations like the Brass Coast you’re probably golden :slight_smile:.

Oh the other cool thing about mage armour is that some of the crafted ones like the Sunfire Pectoral are dead useful, but you need to be able to use them to benefit.

The crafted items are very nice, but mage armour seems less frequently made than standard armour. I’ll have to hunt around for some next event…

And as I was reminded at a practise session yesterday, it doesn’t matter how many extra hits you get from mage armour, it doesn’t stop CLEAVE…:stuck_out_tongue:

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This is why shields are da best. Assuming you aren’t on the front line that is. If you’re just an average Joe though, then you won’t be able to afford the full outfit, but you can make a shield. Get a large shield to hide behind while crouching, then maybe get a shattering enchantment or something so you can rely on it. You might still get hit, but not so much if you practise. It takes the place of armour quite nicely if you just want a portable barricade for healing peeps

I tend to go for a shield and four spells, Purify, Restore Limb, Heal and Repel. That should be enough to hold my own while still healing everybody that needs healing. The hard part is finding a shield that’s big enough to cover all of you but that isn’t so big that you can’t wield the rod properly.

By the time you have 4 spells, they’re all competing with each other for your limited mana supply. Just dropping 1 spell gives you the option to buy Extra Mana and have +2 mana.

Mage armour has a few additional bonuses:

  • Wearing it means you can use the extremely cost-effective Crimson Ward of Summer Stars ritual to get +2 hits for a mere 4 mana.
  • Those extra hits are a massive multiplier on your healing. If you lose 1 out of 2 Hits, then a healing effect gives you 1 Hit back. If you have 4 Hits, a healing effect gives you 3 hits back. Since fast heals like Swift Heal and Elixir Vitae give 3 hits back, 4-5 hits is a good place to be as a backline type. You will get hit by the occasional opportunistic swing or arrow to the limb, and not having to waste a whole heal on a flesh wound is good. We used to buff up our no-combat-skill healers with a potion and enchantment to get them to 4 hits.
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True, although rituals cost mana too and, crucially, take a lot longer. I’d argue it’s better to just have the three main healing spells, maybe some extra mana, and a shield. The shield doesn’t give you more points but it’s very versatile, particularly if you’re running onto a field and crouching down while cowering behind. I was thinking of having four spells, extra mana and the shield skill. Three healing spells and the speak to the dead spell. The last one is optional but I’m planning to make a journalist character who acts as a war correspondent, so speaking to dead peeps should be easier than speaking to one attempting to kill me. I’ll want to interview the enemy too, after all XD.