What story would you like...?

There are a lot of stories told at Empire. Some are of things that happened in play. Some are bits from the history and backstory (which is awesome, that there is the depth for that). And some are even from other settings, with a few alterations…

There was an epiphany in a podcast a while back (1st episode of the Noobs at Larp), where, if I recall: “I suddenly realised what the D&D Bard was for… when all you have is cold darkness and mud and a fire to cluster round, someone who can make you forget all that and make you laugh and cheer and sing… hey, they’re valuable, we gotta keep this guy alive!”

I realised recently that my character has turned into a Troubadour… and while I have a few stories, I know which ones I like to tell, regardless of audience.

If you’re round a fire late one evening at Empire, what sort of story would you want to hear?

Something intensely local, perhaps featuring those at or near the fire? Something grand and sweeping, perhaps from stuff in game or the history? Something funny? Triumphant? Moral? And why…?

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