What to do around anvil when not in the battles

Hi all, I will be attending my first event in April next year with a few friends. I will not be taking part in battles, and I am worried everyone will disappear and I’ll be all alone! I know this to be false, I’m sure there are people like me!

What sort of things can I look to explore while the battles are on?

Part of this will depend on your skills, nation and interests but off the top of my head:

Get into a religious debate in the Hub

Haul Bodies at the Hospital.

Drink Tea in the Sentinels repose

Drink a cocktail in the Brass Coast

Perform/ watch a ritual at the Regio.

Take The Wanderer’s Post Tour of Anvil.

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You won’t be all alone, don’t worry. Although a great many people do go to the battles, there will still be dozens of other people on the field. It’ll be quiet, but there will be people to talk to. Maybe see the heroes off to battle through the gate and look around at who stays behind that seems interesting?

Some people like using the regio for rituals when it’s nice and quiet. Equally the crowd in the hub and tavern will be smaller, and maybe also full of people looking for something to do.

Last year, I wandered around between the hub and tavern until I found a wintermark Mystic, who prepared a Goosewhisper Infusion potion for me. We took the potion together and we discussed what the vision I had was likely to mean.

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Drink! Dance! Maybe invest in an off-combat skill like Artisan or Apothecary?

Drinking is a yes, and I already have used a skill point in artisan so maybe I’ll go searching for info for that :slight_smile:

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  • It’s worth going up to the gate for Muster even if you’re not taking to the field; the atmosphere and spectacle is amazing

  • Tourism! There’s always something to see somewhere in Anvil, between the various national festivals, traders, bars…

  • Hospital! I am massively biased, as I’m playing an anatomy student, but ther hospital is one of the best bits of the game. Don’t worry if you’ve no healing skills; we always need spare hands! Triage is good frantic fun, post-battle.

  • Rituals! Take advantage of the quiet to use the Regio.

  • Visit the Hub, find something your character has an opinion about. Whether it’s a motion in one of the official bodies, or someone with an interesting title, or a notice on the civilian board. Make copious notes of the names involved in that thing and plan to track them down. Post a notice yourself, to let other people know which parts of the game you’re interested in (give your ic name and group, so they can track you down after)

  • Visit the Library!


Also the slightly OC list:

Go have a shower - should be a shorter queue

Wander around the traders, especially if you might want to discuss a commission.

Check times for events in the afternoon / evening, so you can work out what events to prioritise and if there is anything you ought to recommend to your group. Take a look at Hub noticeboards, anything pinned to the senate or the tavern etc.

Look something up on the wiki - either in GOD or on the cleverly disguised tablets in the hub, good when you sort of remember something but not the details.

Have a cup of tea and a sit down. - there’s a good chance you won’t get time for another one for some hours!


Personally I also used it as a chance to tidy the group tent, refill the candle lanterns, wash up, collect water and so on.

If your lot are monstering they should vanish at 10am and be back for about 12 to 12-30, so you’ve got a couple of hours.

If your lot are going to battle, you can go see the gate opening, speeches, muster and that won’t clear through the gate until just after 11, and you could have the first lot back by 12, to weep over/congratulate as needed, and that’s really not a lot of time at all, once you include all the walking!


That’s all great stuff, thank you. Im sure by Saturday morning, after Friday night, I’ll have a rough idea of the area and maybe be a bit more confident about the place :slight_smile:

Agreed on the OC list suggested by CharlieP - my first thoughts in response to this were “get a bit more sleep in the morning” and “make sure you have breakfast”. Sometimes the event can be so, well, eventful that self-care goes out of the window, and making sure you are rested and have eaten and drunk enough can be helpful. :slight_smile:


Artisan/Apothecary give you very little game while the field is quiet. The opportunities for trade are minimal and if you’re going to sit quietly and pretend to brew potions, you’re effectively better off pretending you did that but actually you were doing the OC things listed above.

I quite like wandering around trading during the battles. With fewer people about, you’re more likely to have a little time to have a bit of a gossip with the traders who are about.

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I need to do this, I have m.e. and constantly need sleep!

At the basics; talk to people, read the winds of fortune find out what effects you or you care about and go bother people about it. Make yourself available to help to make something happen. Or have an agenda or opinion, does your character hate a particular barbarian (or imperial nation), make it your goal to make life awful for them by talking to people and pushing your agenda. There is value inn simply going camp to camp enjoying thier hospitality listening to what they say and pushing your agenda. Lots of things happen in empire because individuals have quietly been pushing thier agenda.

Get involved in the Senate, Synod or Military Council games. You don’t have to have a title for these things, simply have a willingness to help the existing title holder, understanding of the game and having an opinion (or even better an agenda) means you suddenly have no time whatsoever.
E.g. I play a Cardinal, i never have enough time. Someone wanting to help investigate what on earth is going on with some things is useful and gives you immediate game. But I’dexpect someone to know my virtue almost as well as me to help.

Go trading. Find out how much things are worth, find out who’s buying and selling, become the middle man taking a cut. Find out what your group needs, combine that with your efforts and satire stuff for your Artisan/herb.
Sell tat or baked goods. Push the above agenda.

Magic - there is always a demand for new rituals. Find out what those in power want/ need (military council always want more) and find covens that cam do them. Become a purveyor of curses for hire,people pay you too curse other people. Now you have to advertise, find out who doesn’t like who. What would harm the other party most, find out who they are and where they’ll be, push an agenda, you hate certain people? Do those curses on them for cheap.

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there are alot of people who do not go and battle in the mornings. I would say at an estimate there are several hundred people who are still on the field. I personally choose not to battle as I use the time to get other things done such as trading, talking to people, getting round and seeing people I do not get a chance to at other times.

If first event alot of your time will just be going round getting a feel for the place you will soon find who is still around.

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