What took you an embarrassingly long time to figure out about the game?

So confession time, what do you now know about Empire that took you an embarrassingly long time to figure out?


How to stay warm AND how to get involved in plot. Seriously.


“It’s okay to be good IC friends with people from other nations.”

No seriously I thought that the national rivalries were a lot more pronounced than they actually are in practice, as in “barely short of outright civil war” as a default rather than “we mostly all chug along but have contained scuffles with a couple of other imperial nations on specific issues”.

It’s hard to put it into words but I expected a more hostile atmosphere.

“People who have important IC roles often DO want to hear your opinion on this thing they’re involved in”

That’s… Often one of the reasons they got the job. They’re passionate about the issue and want to be the point of contact for it. An Imperial Title is essentially a sign that says “please roleplay with me about this thing”.

It took me a year of events before I found out there were showers on-site. In my defence this was before Dadford Road got the awesome new shower block. I thought the old showers were old portaloos that had been retired.


How the currency works, how many rings into crowns and crowns into thrones, always takes me way to long and 6 events later I have had to write it in a book and also how to interact with the other nations (still have yet to do so) and lastly cheap kit does not mean bad kit… that one is a big deal for me


Oh I have a few.

The times needed for the Physick skill. There was just a point I was staring at someone’s leg trying to remember how long I had to spend reattaching it.

Not to wear furs as part of your costume when it’s hot. I tried powering through with that longer than I should have. Moment I swapped it out for something else I felt so much better.

How to go to the toilet in costume…Weird one but didn’t think it would be so difficult. But when you are in a long Suaq coat with a load of stuff on your belt it’s awkward. But now I am confident in my ability of not letting my coat fall in the toilet!


That making game is more fun than sitting inside and plotting - doing a half baked idea is more fun than trying to get all the answers.


When I realised and decided my character was terminal, I inadvertently deprived my associates and friends from RP by not allowing the physicks to attempt to cure my character… I apologise for doing so… I could have given them some RP if I had allowed them to try to save my character.

Also, how many of the steps physick actually takes, down to zero hits, AND a cleave? That’s three steps, not one; and that’s two herbs, not one.


I just wanted to say how much this is real.

I’ve been to 7 events, for the first 5 I tried to have a plan and figure everything out. On my sixth event one of the Senators was running unopposed and I just said “F*** it” and ran against them.

I lost! But now I have so much more game and it was great fun.


That the accessibility team exists to make access to the game easier yes for you too.

The wargame behind military council. I wrote it off as “not for me” for years before giving it a proper look with some friends and realising it is fun.

Physicking times. I have played a Physick since E1.1 and I still sometimes go “wait is that two minutes, three minutes, five minutes screw it just draw out the roleplay”. Relatedly, five minutes are longer than you think.


How any of the military numbers game works! I basically had no idea what a victory point was until a year or two ago, and now I’m on military council, so don’t let that put you off!

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That actually spending some time IC but not necessarily DOING THINGS is okay. Initially I remember thinking I should be DOING THINGS all the time, but it’s turned out that some of my best memories are going for a quiet drink at the Forge Saturday afternoon/evening. Nothing’s happening, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have excellent roleplay.

Also, just because someone has been there since the beginning, doesn’t mean their way of roleplaying is the best for you. It can be hard to get out of the mindset of “well this very experienced group behaves like this, so I should too” but the truth is that their way of playing isn’t going to suit everyone. Again, I started having more fun once I worked that out.


For me it’s that there are many games/levels within areas of the game!

I remember thinking I had a good handle on the military game, and then someone opened the door and I realised basically didn’t have a clue!


That bleed in UK LARP is just as present as it is in LARPs in North America, South America, ad Asia.


Delegating tasks to other members of my group/nation/order is a good thing. For far too long I tried to take on too much organisation by myself and frequently burned out because of it. Only in the last year (after playing since Y1E1) have I realised asking other players for help is a good thing both IC and OC.


Knowing folk all over the field is over-powered. Being able to drop into a national camp and chat to your friend brings everyone game and interesting stories.

You can have as much fun telling stories to a handful of people as going on a skirmish quest, and it’s a lot safer.


I was a priest on my first event, spend quite a while looking for the synod tent. Fortunately someone eventually told me there wasn’t one. And the hub was the place to go.


Potions are tiny little plot tickets in bottle form. They’re not just RP tools or buffing items to be handed over to whoever wants to buy them. An apothecary is not a vending machine.

Occasionally you will uncork something that makes a horrible mess or has unintended consequences. This is fun.


That Skops mead is the best, hotly followed by Magebloods.:wink:

That Physick can be done without herbs, if you have the time. How long that takes. I just went with a dozen battlefield facts.

How many rings to crowns and thrones (was it 8? I’ve never seen a throne and I’m not likely to).

That wax-based gills can melt with a lovely hot cup of tea. Especially if you get Greenlung.

I still have to count to get the number of nations.

I still have no idea how the money works… maybe because my Benefactor took care of that. Would still need to check how much my herbs are worth and I was there at E1! :woman_facepalming: