What was your starting Resource?

How/ why did you choose it?

And is it still the same or have you changed it?

What would you recommend for a new player? Why isn’t it always Crystal Mana? :slight_smile:

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I started with - and still have - a herb garden!

This is because I’m playing a Physick/Apocathery who needs the herbs for his craft, and who didn’t actually start the game with any magical skills (although I now have 2 Lore 2s).

My Freeborn group started with a mix of resources but then mostly switched to fleets for the key advantages in the Brass Coast and because it was a much better group focus. I never did… partly because I decided my character wasn’t a big fan of being at sea!

I think you should focus very much on what your resource is and what it means to your character, in addition to the practical benefits of having one resource. One of my backup character ideas is for a petulant goat farmer from Kharaman - because I think it’s a really cool part of the brief and the resource ties strongly into that concept.

There’s a lot of military units and mana sites out there, and I think a bit of variety is always nice!

As Tribune, I would also strongly recommend considering a congregation for anyone interested in religion or religious politics. It gives you constant things to do all event, and lets you have a tangible effect on one aspect of the game that few others can achieve. It’s not good for money - but it’s great for getting involved.

Mine was a herb garden, because I was playing a doctor and wanted herbs for healing people. Very sensible, very effective.

After a couple of events, I realised that I had a lot of certain herbs and very few of others. I could sell the excess, I could trade them with the hospital, but the demand for herbs fluctuates based on the monsters on the battlefield, the injuries you treat and the potions people ask for.

I switched to a business during downtime, which GOD allowed me to do for free because I was still fairly new. Being in the League, that earned me a vote. I could use money to buy herbs I needed, which is easier than trading one herb for another.

At the end of the first event after changing, someone had the bright idea that we should attack Dubhtraig as a massive armada. My business became a fleet, we showed the Grendel the error of their ways and I never looked back. I don’t get a vote, but I get game.

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I started with a congregation, switched to a military unit and then back to a congregation.

Yet at the same time my resource was always the same, on a story level. We took up arms to fight for our homeland and then settled back down after the fight was done.

But it was the same mix of mages and academics…

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I started with a business, and having the money was great, but I found myself getting jealous of my friend with a fleet - he’d go around trading his resources, which got him money and game. Yes, I could technically have bought resources then traded them on, but that was a bit deeper into the trading game than I cared for. So I switched out, and haven’t regretted it!

Mana is great if you’re a magician or you’re happy pissing about with selling it. A number of nations give votes to certain resources (League/business, Marches/farm, Freeborn/fleets), so it really depends on whether you want money or you want game! Not saying you can’t achieve both, but it might be harder, especially for newer players.

I’m starting with a herb garden, as I’m heading in with the full medic character build. …And given my character’s background fits more than the other resources available

… however, I’m playing in a group with someone who’s got a mana reserve (built as a battle mage) and someone who’s got a mine (orichalcum, character built as an artisan)

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My first character had a Congregation. Super useful because A) he was a priest, and B) he was from Highguard and thus could vote in national elections, etc.

My current character has a Mana Site because he is a mage, and because I like to meddle in Conclave (crystal mana is used to raise motions, and speak on motions).

Mine was a military unit as my character plays a Thorn. I have loved it as you can choose it’s destination (like a fleet), get great game as you can influence campaign outcomes (or ignore them for more RP), and you often get a really interesting mix of loot including maps and intelligence. Plus occasionally you get traumatic wound cards for even more roleplay potential!


Started with a business for the money then moved to a mine as you get alot more game out of trading, searching the field for materials/commissioning items and I’m an artisan who needs materials.

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Herb garden, because Apothephysick. I’ve been tempted to change it but potions and herbs are in occasionally high demand and what starts as a hefty stack of cards one day turns into shiny coin the next when the battle notices go up in the loos and everyone suddenly wants a lot of bloodharrow philtre or ossean solution.


My first character was a physick, and so had a herb garden.

Second character was, frankly, a pirate, and had a ship.

Third character is a healer-mage, so started with a crystal mana site for wealth and emergency spells. He then switched to a military unit* when his House called for all to do so for plot reasons, and intends to switch back when he can…

*A non-combat military unit, according to their fluff. It’s basically a field hospital and support station.


I started with a military unit because I wanted to be able to affect the downtime campaigns. However, I don’t really FEEL like I’m able to do that with a military unit. Not being interested enough in the trade game has left me unable to upgrade my starting unit because of the limited supply and high demand of Mithril keeping its price at several Thrones per wain. I have ideas on how I might change my ability to affect campaigns, but I don’t have ANY expectation that they’ll pan out.

I began with a fleet. My wife is French and my kids speak French so we needed an Asavean connection. We said that Cormack Dun was recently returned from a long trading mission in Asavea with his Asavean wife and kids.
I kept the fleet for a couple of years, usually going to Asavea. My last voyage was to the Zemress Islands. My job as editor of The Oathwright meant I didn’t have time on the field to sell my resources so I told everyone that it is too hard to write a newspaper on a ship and switched my resource to a business. I bought three white granite to upgrade it and The Oathwright now has an impressive office in the centre of New Dunhall.


Started with a business (themed as a Theatre in Tassato). IC, because the character was a playwright and at the start of the campaign his role in the family had been to deal with everyday business while the more important guild members went to Anvil. Then they all died with Britta.

OC, it was because we agreed as a group that most of us would take businesses in order to have votes and influence the senatorial elections. Personally I wanted a military unit, and after a few events it became clear both that we didn’t have enough votes between us to gain a senatorial seat, so I could switch, and that I was being drawn into the military game enough to justify changing.


Mine was a business, because my character runs the inn in our town. Mechanically, just about anything else would have been a ‘smarter’ choice (farm would be more money because I’m in the marches, and would get me votes, mana site because I’m also a mage, or fleet because my group would benefit were the ones suggested to me) but I want to avoid metagaming

Switched to a military unit last event because of the invasion of bregasland, the inn has been used as an impromptu barracks, and I’ll hopefully switch back after the current situation is resolved

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Upgrades to MUs aren’t particularly efficent in the grand scheme of things compared to armies, forts or magic, so don’t worry about that. The first is pretty good, but it’s massive diminishing returns.

If you want your MU to be more effective, get hold of some crystal mana and pay a wizard to Enchant it. This works particularly well for the mass raid opportunities. For the raid on Dubhtraig, my PC had no relevant skills, no MU, but spent a hell of a lot of time delivering military captains to Spring wizards.


Herb garden originally as a healer, then my Benefactor arranged a deal with our closest chapter to take over an upgraded business, as their chapter sister was moving regions. That was a gold mine, which sold all our produce to the Imperial mint and got a good price. Then our chapter lost a sister who maintained an upgraded mana garden, so I was swapped again and the gold mine moved onto to another chapter.
Now I get apprentices to polish mirrors that focus daylight into our underground geothermal bathing lake, and the mineral rich steam and reflected light have a side effect of producing quite a good crop of mana. Very useful as I have also learnt ritual magic in recent years.


Previous characters have had Mines, Congregations, Military units, herb gardens and mana sites for various reasons, its usually worth a scan of the wiki to check if any great works affect them in your territory, one character stuck with a herb garden even after dropping physik (due to unstoppable changes) because the Gardens of High Chalcis meant it was so many herbs my ex peers could use on me :smiley:

Current character started with a Mana site (because doing rituals without one is paaaaaaaain) but switched up to a military unit for some IC reasons. Of course my benefactors all just schlepped off to Urizen so i may need to swap that back :frowning: Anyone want some Spring rituals doing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Upgrading material generating resources for profit isn’t efficient because the cost of investment would take years to pay off with the increased earnings. However, upgrading resources for additional votes or downtime effect, in my opinion, is efficient, but only assuming you’ve augmented yourself via other routes first.

In the case of MU’s, it is more efficient to upgrade an army to large, but it does NOTHING to address how it makes me FEEL about influencing the world. It becomes a moment about the large GROUP of players it took to gather the 150 mithril and 300 crowns. Unless you were heavily involved in the organization or collection for that effort, I don’t believe the individual will FEEL like they made an impact.

Part of my plans is to regularly enchant my MU, but what do I do once that’s done? Upgrade. I started in Wintermark to gain an additional benefit from having an MU (voting), but I don’t believe there’s much point since there’s a dominant voting bloc in WM and I haven’t had a great experience there otherwise. (In the middle of changing nation’s currently.) I did go on the raid to Ikka’s Tears and was among the first to declare my intent to do so, but not being able to retain the benefits(temporary MU rank bump) through a nation change has led to interesting RP as my character struggles with his identity vs his desires.

The main activity of my last couple events has been about scraping together coin and materials through anything other than trading materials, as I already invest on the stock market and don’t want to spend my personal time working stock speculation and trade networking.

For the new players reading since this IS a new players topic, here are my goals that you can use for yourselves:

  1. Acquire a specific set of magic armor, weapon, and talisman items that match my fighting style and character build to make me more effective when I take the field through the Sentinel Gate. (I have these all commissioned in Fall so they last me through the following OC year as I save up for the next commissions. You can research what you want from the magic items page.
  2. Acquire an enchantment for myself to enhance or expand my battlefield capabilities. (This is per event and the enchantments I look for are dependent on which battles I’m taking part of. If I’m aiding the Navarro against the Vallorn, I get Vitality of Rushing Water, otherwise I typically get Embrace the Living Flame.
  3. Acquire an echantment for my MU for the upcoming season. This is typically Raise the Standard of War, but Clarion Call of Ivory and Dust is also an option. It has the same crunch(mechanical effect), but different fluff(IC flavor) and is a Winter ritual rather than a Summer ritual, so the RP effects are also very different.
  4. Acquire mithril to upgrade my MU. This is the one that has given me the most trouble in getting started because it’s been difficult for me to find a trader who is willing and able to sell it and the ONE time I found one, it was going for 5 Thrones a wain. Until I increase my income, that’s well outside what I’ve been able to generate in a season through weapon instruction and selling bottles of mead.

If any new players want help sorting through magic items or rituals for their character, feel free to PM me.

I’ve held on to my Military Unit for the full seven years so far.
The 4th and 5th Light Lances, 2nd Column, Adina’s Charge have fought in every corner of the Empire, and spied, raided, supported armies, and otherwise made themselves an issue for the Empire’s enemies every single season.

They probably still hold the record for most entries in the Imperial Roll of Honour.
Barachel has, off the back of their efforts, got himself deeply involved in the task of wrangling Military Units for special projects. (He is deeply proud that when the Military Council needed 20 units in 20 minutes, they asked him. And he delivered.)