What was your starting Resource?

My current character started with a military unit because their recent history was that they’d been Mercenarying their way around several bits of the known world with their free company “The Talons”. The original character goal had been for the character to retire from military action and the unit to disband and become a congregation instead. Alas (or not because military is fun) they became heavily involved in Military stuff from their first event and their plans of retirement have been fairly well put off.

On other previous characters I’ve had two fleets, one mana site, one small military units and one congregation that I then exchanged for my mentors business after their death. Never quite got the appeal of a mine or forest as fleets get a range of stuff and more interesting opportunities and I probably would’t take a farm outside The Marches. Healer with a herb garden and a tea shop is my current plan for next but we’ll see what actually happens.


Sianu started with her mother’s herb garden, which was very useful as a Physick. However, I wanted to bring my children to the second event and therefore realised I would be using fewer herbs and wanting more cake money and on-field things to do. As a Merrow, it was also in her bio that she’d been away sailing with her father to Asavea, so she took over her father’s fleet. That gave me a lot more interactions for when I can’t go into battle. It led to being enchanted in various ways, the Grendel raid, learning about the wider world and finally deciding which group I wanted to join and be loyal to.

Thanks for so many responses. Who knew roleplayers liked talking about their characters eh? :wink:
Please do keep them coming.