++What Would Be E2... Online!++


With this weekend marking what would have been the second Empire event of the year, we’re again marking the event with a bunch of digital content.

With this in mind, the relaxed moderation guidelines that were in place over the last event will continue to apply for the weekend of the event. We’re keen to see more videos and posts from people in kit or sharing stories of Empire to keep our spirits up.

There’s also a timetable of events that have been organised by players and crew, which breaks down as follows.

Unfortunately, we’re having some problems with linking to our website and forums at the moment, so annoyingly we can’t give you links to those at the moment, but all the other links should work fine. (The forum isn’t having these problems so I’ll update this post with all the links - @Mark_Wilkin )


18:00 Things kick off with the release of a fun video the Skirmish Team have made, which we’ll be linking from Empire LRP.

20:30 Luca Da Rè is following up last events’ virtual Empire wiki pub quiz with another one. You can find details here - Redirecting...

20:30 Also at half eight, the Skirmish Ask Me Anything will be starting up on the Profound Decisions Twitch channel (Twitch). You can find out more details about who’ll be present and what they’ll be discussing here - Live Battle + Skirmish Q&A - 8:30pm Friday 12th June.

22:00 Songs from Urizen II - Listen to General Nicassia ( Claire Sheridan) demonstrate her musical Arete with a selection of Urizen classics- Redirecting...


8:00: Skirmish team will be being roused from their beds and releasing the second video they’ve made for this weekend, which again we’ll be linking from Empire LRP.

9:30 - 11:00 Sea Talk, Anna Rachel Wellings Purvis talks about all things nautical in the Empire world.

10:00: Mark Shelby is going to be delivering an Introduction to the Synod - something he’d normally be doing as part of the new player briefing. He’ll be using Facebook live and you can join him on the main Empire LRP group and via this FB event - Redirecting....

14:00: The second of our three AMA sessions, this time with members of the plot team. it’ll also be on Twitch, and you can again find out what’s going on here - Live Plot Q&A - 2pm Saturday 13th June.

19:00 - late: The Navarr are again inviting people to take part in a virtual Songs and Stories evening, which you can find more details about here: https://www.facebook.com/events/271115460965189/


11:00 Our final Twitch AMA of the weekend, a chance to ask questions of some of our in-character civil service. Live Civil Service Q&A - 11am Sunday 14th June

17:00 - 20:00 Hefty Yeti are hosting a Spring Festival Open Mic session here - Redirecting...

And finally, in case you haven’t seen it, Steve Kirkbride has put together a set of minitaures skirmish rules for playing Empire battles. You can find the post about it here: Redirecting... and the rules are here.

Looking forward to a great weekend, almost as much as we’re looking forward to seeing you all in a field.

(Picture by Beth Dooner)

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For Sea Talk, of how to describe your travels by sea, the link is Anna's Birthday Party Tent and please select voice channel sea-talk.

~~ The wind in my hair, the slap of the waves, the creak of the lines and the call of the stars ~~

Has your character travelled, but you haven’t sailed and want to know how to describe it? Or have you sailed? Perhaps you’re just interested? I will be explaining what it feels like to be at sea on a sailing ship, to trust the sea to hold you up, how to row a boat, with particular attention to Empire and Empire’s ships, and how the world looks like to a Merrow. Please feel free to join in, whether quietly or to contribute.

This will be on Discord, which is free to use, on Saturday 13 June from 9.30-11am. Discord can be accessed via browser or downloaded from https://discord.com.

I spent half my childhood weekends and holidays at sea, mainly on a 52ft sailing ketch, thanks to my Dad who is a certified Ship Captain with extensive sea experience and will join in from NZ. I also get seasick, so if you ask I can describe that for your character too!