What would be your ideal character?


I’ve recently been considering what I actually want to do later in the game at empire. I was musing over whether or not I should start accumulating resources or not. That got me thinking: what would I do if I had a ludicrous amount of resources at my disposal. Now I’m sure some of you have that by now but some of you will definitely not.

My question is: are you playing the character you truly want to play or are you playing them simply to make do? This could be due to lack of resources both IC or OOC, or OOC abilities. If you were able to change what ever it is that is stopping you, what character would you be playing? If you would like, you could also share what is stopping you as someone might have a suggestion on how to help with that, however don’t feel that you have to.


So at the moment I’m really happy with where Morien is at, I’ve been involved in some really awesome plot lines (both personal and PD ran,) I’ve finally passed their test of mettle*, I’m really well connected within my nation and with the size of Dawn at the moment that feels like a real achievement. I lead one of the largest covens in the game, and at the moment alot of the Winds of War I get to read and know what my part in them was.

I think I have a realistic shot at a few Imperial positions, in some cases it would take hard work and campaigning, and I’m trying to decide if I want to stand for one of them.

So I wouldn’t say no if a few wains of Mithril landed in my Lap, because I’d love to build a college of Heraldic Magic or similar, and I really should sit down some point and really finish my books I’m working on, but one of those is icing and the other just requires me to stop procrastinating.

*Which took I think in the region of three years in the end, but I was distracted by a few other quests during that time.


I’m on my sixth character now, so I’ve had a chance to flex my ideas a bit, but I really want to play an archer for more than half an event! I just started getting the hang of how I could be useful and then went and got myself killed.

I have some curtains under my bed for the day I go and play in the League (green and gold, I have a doublet pattern, not allowed to make it until I’ve finished all my current character’s kit!).

I’m happy with Leah as she is at the moment. I’m in the priest game and have scope to get into magic if I want to. That’ll keep me busy for now.


I think Antimedes is definitely the character I want to be playing- it took me a couple of events to start having an impact on outcomes beyond ‘number of Orcs stabbed’ but I’ve started to progress his military ambitions and take on national level roles. The only problem is that I’d love to have a go at General one day, and I’m in the nation with the lowest number of Generals, the current incumbent is really good as is the adjutant, but I’ll just keep cracking on and working my way through it.


@McGonigle, what you could do with your book is find a squire or scribe or someone like that like that and get them to write the book for you. You could dictate to them a few lines while on your way to somewhere and then they could go off and write it down.

I also agree that it would be nice to have another college of magic as there is definitely not enough. It would definitely be nice to have a few wains of mithril to either do that or share around to start upgrading people’s mana sites so we can have a bit more mana coming onto the field. I was standing in line for pizza and got talking a Varushkan. I think it was their second event and they had been gifted a wain of mithril because they had taken up a certain role in their group. I was quite astounded and a little bit envious.

It does sound like you are basically at the point you want to be which is good. I might have come across you in the field and annoyed you a bit because if you have something to do with magic, you probably would have at least seen me weirding up the back of conclave.

@LauraH, as one of my old topics established, I can’t help you when it comes to archery however I do recommend for surviving that you try and work closely with a shield wall. Maybe also look to putting some kind of chord on your bow so you can drop it quickly and change to a sword or something. I’m not sure where you would attach the chord onto yourself so the bow could hang from you without getting in the way but maybe try it. In the end, after every shot, I recommend scanning your surroundings. It can be very easy as an archer to just focus on trying to hit the target and not realise that an orc has got lost and wandered around the side of the wall and has just seen you and…

If you are looking into arcane projections, I can certainly give you some advice. At my second and third event, I went around, finding people who knew about it to ask them to tell me how I could make the impossible work and waste a lot of mana. I was put right so, I with all my mistakes, I am a now a novice expert. If you are looking for mana, all I can say is: good luck.

@Bradstyley, well I’m glad your character is moulding into the one you want. I know that Urizen is currently not having a good time so I think it is the perfect time to suggest to the right people that you need more generals. You need to make some riling speech and then hopefully they will say yes. If you don’t have the funds then go and talk to the military council or the someone like that. If they ask why they should give it to you instead of just assigning one of their current generals, you could tell them it is because you know Urizen which will give you a massive advanatage. Not sure if that would work but it is worth a try.


Ah mate- it’s more of a matter of the lands ability to support armies rather than money or mithril, and if we did find a way to build a second army it’d be our Senators that would appoint any General.


So over all I think the character I’m playing is exactly what I want to play. He’s interested in all the things I want to do at larp (fight, trade, drink and sing more or less in that order) and I enjoy every event I get to play him. I think the only things Holding him back from being my dream are entirely OC. Learning guitar to take a bigger part in songs and stories takes time. RL concerns means there is only so much OC money I can throw at home-brew and transport thereof limiting my and groups IC income (though they do help where they can).

I think the only thing that would solve the restriction on my IC ambitions would be more people willing to put the same IC / OC effort into making our larp group the top teir trading and fighting force I’d like it to be (and lead)

But that will come with time. Time luck and networking.


Ah sorry, wasn’t expecting advice. I’m aware of how to shoot and how to go about getting into magic, I was just frothing about character concepts. :slight_smile:


My 2nd character was pretty much my favourite. An aggressive armoured Dawnish Knight, Earl of his House, a Pirate Lord with a squadron behind him. The skills he wanted, and the diplomatic contacts to make some differences.

He was able to, and did, give dramatic speeches in council and battlefield, constantly tried to drag Dawn towards Prosperity and The Big Picture, and felt that he was making a difference.

Definately a character I treasured and enjoyed.

After 14 events, he died, with his House around him, at event 2 this year :frowning:

I am currently playing my next character concept, who may develop into a favourite later.

He does, after all, get to pontificate and scream spells :slight_smile:


this is my first charter and I think being a trader is fun. I wish I was more connected to a bit of plot and more in my nation (freeborn forever) but that what I plan to focus on more next event. if I had to have an end goal it would likely be to find out all the old law of the game.


As an aside, there is a question of the value of upgrading mana sites - the cost of the wains worth the actual rewards. However there are plenty of people on the field who would love to discuss that :wink:

Also the Varushkan you mention I believe is a member of my group - we worked very hard together and did some savvy trading, so having that mithril to give to some of our members was rather unusual!


Is this a discussion for Ideal characters or one that gives advice?

I mean I can desire having a lot of mithril, or several thousand thrones, but those don’t really work out when you hit the field and your character pack. Those are valid aims for sure – but they are meant to be hard for a reason. So a good question to consider is “how do I get there?”

That is the question we all tend to fall down on, so it’s worth thinking about - even if the answers are hard.

Take a well known trader Achilles who died this year for example:

  • He started by trading with an aim to make a throne a day, scaling up as money and resources grew.
  • Completing a book of artificers and those who need their goods allowed him to connect buyer to seller, and they remembered his name. Eventually he could take a cut on trades.
  • After he had developed thirty thrones (took over a year), he started trading in bulk lots enabling him to make ten, then twenty thrones a day.
  • Post this he started investing into Bourse buying cartels, etc.
  • When he died he owned one bourse seat, and a percentage cut of three or so, and he traded in favours not money.

So the message here is… target the smaller objectives first to build for the bigger one. Il shut up at this point except to say;

-I really wouldn’t advise tiying your bow to yourself. It’s been tried and it normally ends up with either it tripping you up, or a broken bow with huge safety concerns. There are some pretty nifty (read expensive) bow cases you can get, but given a normal archer build is very light on armour… if you are in the front line, your ability to survive is tricky given you are probably only armed with a sword.

  • The military development angle is hard, particularly in the Empire setting where you can’t just create generalships, or indeed permanent national armies without both territories and a lot of money. The last Dawn army cost circa 700 thrones… But what you can do is consistently lead skirmishes, organise battle lines, train with everybody you can think of, and get your name known. When your general(s) eventually get killed/stand down/unelected for heresy whatever, it will then be your name first on senators/electorates lips.


@Bradstyley, ah okay. Well can’t hurt to at least let them know. Good luck with getting Urizen back.

@FerrusTwofeet, yeah, I can see that not helping. I used to play a musical instrument and it took a lot of time and I still wasn’t any good. I also don’t have much money to throw at the game. I’ve been lucky in finding stuff at the charity shop. I decided to try and go to the league and enter into their performance competition to make a bit of money. I know that the Navarr don’t really like charging for their performance but luckily I can do that. I did win a prize but that was because they felt sorry for me. I tried to give it back but in the end they convinced me to keep it. I hope that people can all come together in your group

@LauraH, I just thought a bit of advice would be nice way to just acknowledge everyone’s comment. I hope I haven’t made you or anyone else feel that I think they are incompetent. You will definitely have a lot more understanding and experience with the game that me, I just thought, sometimes, when you get into a ruck, it can be difficult to see your way out, even if it would be obvious if you were helping someone else with the same problem.

@Geoffrey_Willoughby, sounds like a lot of fun, definitely a character I would like to try later. I hope you current one becomes as treasured as your old one.

@domsnake, I was quite lucky. when I joined my nation I stood out quite a bit so lots of people came up to talk to me. Now a few people know me and so I can talk to them. Unfortunately I am yet to join a group.
I found more plot when I did a few jobs for the master of the mint. She would probably also be a good connection to have as well, for you, as you are a trader.
I am too am looking to find out more about the past and the old lore of the game. I was going to talk to someone last time about it but I was too late as it was time to go. If I see you in the field and I have found out anything more, I will be happy to share it with you.

@Triska, yeah, it does seem a lot to upgrade one mana site to get one more mana but then it is an investment. I really just wanted an example of what you could do with mithril.
If the person you think I mentioned was quite tall, was wearing a bit of red and had dark hair then it probably was.

@Cakescoffer it was more for the former but I decided on a whim that the latter would be appreciated and it was a better way of interacting then me going ‘cool, nice’ but I may have missed the mark there. The main idea of this topic was to have a bit of fun. I thought while we had some fun, we could think about whether or not we were on the right path because though it may be important to sort out the small things first, it is also a good idea not to lose sight of your main objective. Please, don’t shut up unless you want to, larp is all about talking and if you feel you can’t give someone a bit of a push in the right direction then I feel the other person hasn’t made you feel welcome enough, either without knowing or on purpose but that is just my opinion.

With the bow thing, as I said, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, however I’m a little bit more savvy with modern combat du to the martial arts I do. I can apply most of it to larp but it seems in this case the chord could not be applied. I felt it would be better than just dropping your bow but I don’t know.

I do understand that raise an army is very costly and isn’t something that can just be done by the individual however I thought that maybe a nation or the empire would have enough to do it and if you could at least let them know you were looking for the position then it could help you out later, though looking back on it now, it may make you seem incompetent or full hardy if you wanted to raise an army just like that. It was really just a suggestion.


I’m having a lot of fun as Emilia, she is involved in a lot of interesting areas of the game and things never stay the same for long. It would be nice to tweak XP spend a bit but that doesn’t have a huge impact on my fun. The real regret from character generation was starting as a Dawnish noble. Looking back, I would much prefer something as significant as a test of mettle to have happened in uptime.


Well I hope that you haven’t missed out too much with the test of mettle. There is always the test of resolve or ardour. Maybe a fall from grace so you have to redo the test of mettle? I’m not sure if that is possible and maybe it would hinder you more now. I’m sure, with all the shenanigans going on at empire, that you won’t need all of that now. Either way, it sounds like you have got you character to a good place.


I’ve changed nations now so those don’t really apply. It still wouldn’t really fix the problem, my character has done plenty of amazing things in uptime, it just irritates me that I put one significant one in downtime.


Ah, okay, well at least you know for next time.


This is essentially the route I’m trying to go down, and I’m getting a lot of game out of the process, which is good as I expect my character will probably get killed before I achieve the goal!


@IWillGetThingsRongI would love to meet up. any way for me to find you in IC


If I’m there next time, be sure to look for me, I’ve sent a message to you with a bit more detail.