What would be your ideal character?


It’s a hard and risky route - but it does seriously pay off. Urizen is playing on hard mode of late, which makes the whole “career” path particularly tricky particularly when the mass of sentinels/sword scholars is extremely limited.

Il try come find you IC to discuss ways other nations can help - it’s been a good relationship between Navarr and Urizen the last few years.


Thus does the net of the heavens grow! I’ll look forward to it! Rumours of Urizen’s demise are somewhat exaggerated though, we did put 47 through the gate at e4 and I’m estimating between 60 and 70 for e1 if everything comes together. The key issue is adjusting our tactical doctrine a little- but that starts getting a bit IC.


It has probably been partly exaggerated by people wanting a new meme and then everyone sees it and thinks it is true. The exaggeration may helps your cause though, as people will be morel likely to help instead of going ‘Oh I like that bit of land up north, I think I want to try and take that instead of sending aid to Urizen’. It is interesting to hear it isn’t as bad as everyone says it is.


From a games mechanics POV, Urizen are no-where near dead… they still hold a good 2.5 provinces, for instance. And they’d have to lose all of those before you start to consider the nation dead… (from an interview with the games team, on the Noobs at Larp podcast).

From a strategic POV, Urizen are no-where near dead. They still hold their army, at least a couple of provinces and have many friends rallying in support. Including, yes, Dawn opening a second front against the Druj.

From a tactical POV, Urizen are no-where near dead. They’ve lost a lot of good characters, but as long as folk are generating more Urizeni PCs, they’ll be fine.

For years the Imperial Orcs have been the smallest nation on the field, and for a long while with ZERO territories. For quite a while the Urizeni have outnumbered the Brass Coast on the battlefield.

I have full confidence that Urizen, both IC and OOC, will be with us to the end, one way or another…

(Even if they have to rip a mountain city out of the ground and have it flying around as a tiny city state…)

The sunset had been red, appropriately. Light shone down on the rocky beach, a long spit of gravel into the sea, from the fortress burning on the bluff above, and from the crude Druj ships a-light off the coast. The Freeborn squadrons had come over the horizon in the blaze of noon, and now their crew watched their work, and that of their friends.

Down on the beach, a few desperate units still tried to hold back the shining tide descending on them. These were tough orcs, veterans, the survivors of a long series of defeats and retreats east, east, ever east, over the years… but they had run out of land, and time, and friends, although they had few of those to begin with.

This was the last night for the Druj…

Against them came waves of shining armour and fury, ranks of virtuous cataphracts, and gently-glowing warbands of sentinels and battlemagi. Battlecries of “Glory!” and “Reikos!” interspersed with “Remember Zenith!”

The battlelines broke back a moment, the Druj forces down to a few dozen screaming Slavelords, and a thin line of Pakkad. Their adversaries paused for a moment, and drew breath.

A figure in golden armour trimmed in blue stepped forth, lit by held torches, flicked blood off his sword. “Shattered remnants of the Druj! We will show you no mercy, for never have you! We will take no prisoners, for you cannot be trusted while you draw breath! We will kill you swiftly, for we are better than you, and do not embraces Hatred!”.

There was a shudder through the Druj ranks, huddled against the cruel, cold water.

“This is for the Barrens, and Drycastle, for the Semmerholm, and for all the Dawnish slain in our ages of war 'gainst you!”

From his right thundered a broad-shouldered figure in a dark hood, a white 3-towered castle on his chest, a mighty hammer grounded for a moment into the bloodied stones.

“And for the fallen of Reikos, the devastation that you wrought there in hate, all now come to folly and doom!”

And from their left stepped forth a tall slim figure in armour of silver, glowing blue round the edges, her spear leaving glittering afterimages in the air, her voice as clear and cruel as a mountain wind.

“And for Zenith, Morrow, and the thousands of Urizeni fallen in your assault, the learning lost and the light momentarily dimmed by your foul presence!”

Three weapons waved forwards, soldiers of three nations swept forth with a roar, and in firelight and blood, in screaming desperate struggle, at the very end of their time, the last of the Druj were pushed dying into the sea…

…and they were not mourned…


If they make the mountain fly, is the person doing it going to shout ‘CATCH A RIIIDE’.

Also is the story underneath your explanation official or unofficial?


It’s fanfiction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is what I would like to happen. And if Empire lasts long enough for the Imperial forces to push all the way to the eastern end of the Druj lands, it may even happen that something like the above comes up in a Winds of War.

But the little story there is entirely unofficial speculation. :slight_smile:


Well it is very good. I always enjoy big battles in fiction, especially the speeches that come before them. I wrote one such speech recently, I can share it with you, if you want.

I’m sure that if empire were to end then the writers would give it a good send off, either all our final goals being achieved or a suddenly, cataclysmic death that wipes the land clean.


Good conversation topic. And @Geoffrey_Willoughby its interesting hearing about your old character!

My character Tristram is roughly where I want him to be. The tragic romance with Una is going well, and after that battle in spiral where he won her forgiveness, its slowly turning in his favour. Outside of that all my goals with him are fairly boring (buy sheild, pass a test of mettle… do more dawnish things, make more freinds IC) - but to me that is what I want.

I always felt cheated by computer games when you could play for a couple of hours and end up head assasin or cheif vampire. To me, him being quite boring outside of his narrative is ideal, being an earl or leading an army any time soon would make him (and the world) feel less 3d.

Perhaps the thing I’d like for him most in the medium term future is for him to become a chapion of a virtue (perhaps loyalty), and before that improve the relationships non dawnish people have with Dawn - by going on skirmeshes with them.

Long term- It would be nice to lead a group of valiant knights on the battlefeild. Or maybe become one of the Empresses gaurd - and maybe become someones right hand man- but as yet I can’t see him getting into the politics game.


I’m glad you enjoy the topic. It sounds like you are going for the simple goals like @Cakescoffer was talking about. It is good to be able to find enjoyment from the smaller things and not always need to be the centre of everything.

I do understand what you mean about being given things to easily, it make it feel like you haven’t worked for them and that you don’t really deserve them or if you do then they aren’t really worth it.

The tournament I want to help set up is partly there to help develop relationships between nations. A few of the events require two nations to pair up and they will not be given a choice with that.

I think you will find it fairly easy to become someone’s right hand man especially if you are a champion of loyalty. Many people are trying to get to the very top. If you are not trying to do that then they won’t feel threatened by you are more likely to want to hire you, especially if they know you are loyal. You just need to find the right person. Good luck with all of that.


I hope I didn’t sound condescending when I said simple goals. I may not have phrased it very well.


It’s horses for courses at the end of the day, and the aim of the game is having fun. Its what colours my entire view of the game I guess.

I love playing background or foreground characters, they each have some great stories to tell. But it’s worth having a goal whatever the character or system. I tend to start small “fight in a skirmish” or “learn the names of the ambassador’s” and the like, building to larger goals “command the skirmish” or “be the secretary to the Ambassador and always have his tea” .These can be truly huge goals of “be emperor” or whatever to the smallest, but the fun is the journey to get there. I had a truly epic character once who’s entire aim was to be hopelessly in love with a warlock who hated him.

My current Empire character started out with the simple goal of turn up and see Anvil and have a drink in every bar, and in seemingly a blink of an eye (I now feel very old) he’s morphed into a scarred battered veteran hoping to give back to a nation he spurned. Despite a (seriously fun to do) extensive criminal record he’s had a great life from founding a mercenary striding, flirting with being a heretic to being sergeant in the Iron Raptors, to finally being elected senator. He now seems to enjoy penning philosophy and doing his best to build sinecures.


Sounds like you have come along way without even realising it, that is both the curse and beauty of time. I do agree that having fun is the main goal and of course people have different ideas of fun.

How did you become a criminal and how did you get away with it? It might be interesting for another character if my current one dies.


Evolving your aims as a character in game is something really fun to do - and over time the loves/hates/skirmishes/events all build up to make a character very different from what you started with.

Criminal wise its the consequences that is in the fun of it. Murder for example is just dull without consequences or a rationale. Sure a character could kill a lot of others and possibly get away with the sole aim of greed, but it would be much more interesting and captivating story to find a false virtue, convert to it, and then try snuff out the Vigilance assembly for example in a race against time before the inquisitor gets you. Fun, but the odds would be stacked against you so don’t plan on living long.

My current character started his life of crime by refusing to accept the judgement of a magistrate who let the convicted killer of his friend walk free. This led into a sort of spiral downward of petty theft, handling of stolen goods, perverting the course of justice, heresy etc. Il stop there as the fun of crime is also in the working it all out.

Key thing is if you plan on playing a criminal is the overriding rule - fun and the consent of others is paramount. I would also strongly recommend doing decompression with anyone who is a “victim” of your crime, if nothing else to prove that you aren’t an actual criminal, merely playing one.


Okay, thank you for the advice. I have thought about maybe becoming one with my next character before but I feel that I’d struggle with the fact I may ruin people’s fun a bit. For example, if I rob someone, I may take away the recourses they need to complete a project and so they will have to take up the long task of getting them back, which I know lots of people do not enjoy. I’ll have to think about it.


Pick your targets. Nobody retells the story of someone who tossed their tent for valuables. Pretty much everyone tells the story of a nemesis.

I’ve been fortunate enough to end up in the story of some great Empire crooks. From the assassin ring who literally worked out a shady pub and kept a big black ledger of contracts as insurance/blackmail/dramatic end material. To the blatantly supervillainous Freedom sect who took refuge in audacity, or the champion of Vegeance who had us fooled for ages because he came across as merely a sleazy politician.

Petty crime is dull, but an audacious robbery against one of the richest groups on the field? That’ll make the history books.And yes, heresy is fun but… Ever considered a 100% orthodox, straight down the middle Virtuous group of criminals? Preach by day, crook by night. Rob misers and spend lavishly for Prosperity. Steal secrets and publish them because Courage demands you speak the unwelcome truths. Run a massive mana-based Ponzi scheme because you need that mana to fund your Wise experiments! Virtues can make it really easy to justify crime, and give a massive theological headache to people realising you are not technically wrong.

The have a crack at a Clemency plea and at worst, you’ll end with a seriously scenery-chewing speech to the Magistrates about how you’re clearly an Exemplar/Paragon and you’re gonna reincarnate soooo fast/not at all.


Intriguing, maybe one day I’ll look into some of this. I do understand that at empire, if you can justify it as virtuous then you can get away with almost anything at least officially. Thank you for sharing all of that.