What year is it?

May I ask what year it is in the Empire at the moment? I’ve always had trouble keeping track of such things; for example I know that on the site ‘The Mourn’ is said to have fallen to the barbarian hordes in 349AE, but I have no idea how long ago that was…

378 YE

And the new year takes place sometime between event 1 (Easter) and event 2 each OOC year. Which is not explicitly stated anywhere on the wiki, leading to some Maelstrom players assuming it worked like it did back then and the new year’s eve was during the Easter event.

Thanks everyone. A further question: I note years ending AE and YE, assuming that YE is post Empire what year did we reach AE before the founding of our glorious Empire?

Logically, if we count back from year 1 YE, there’s no useful answer to that question for how many years “Ante Empire” there were…

And no, there doesn’t have to be a “year zero”.