Whats an experience you would like to have at Empire, but havent had a chance to pursue yet?

Hey everyone,
Just wondering what experiences people would like to have at empire but haven’t had a chance to yet for whatever reason I.e id really like the chance to communicate with an eternal.

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Past life vision. So, so up for that.


Be famous.


I have a story I want to tell to the Imperial Orcs, and a song I want to sing for Varushka, and at least one big grandstanding thing I want to do in a battle…

…but on the scale of folks other suggestions… yeah, an Eternal audience would be cool. Never seen one of those :slight_smile:


I would absolutely love to announce a Veto on the floor of the Senate.

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Literally everything i do on the field is in service of getting a Past life vision. :smiley:


As many have said. Getting a past life vision is pretty much the peak of empire.

More realistically I’ve always wanted to cast a mass spell on the battlefield.

Another more easily achieve able one would be making an arcane projection and getting it codified. And if I was being particularly ambitious getting it into imperial lore so it becomes widely used.


What would being famous look like for you at empire?

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Having a group or representative come to me for my expertise, such as being asked to be a Field Marshal without putting my hat in the ring myself or having national reps ask me to help with fighter training.

Otherwise, having players recognize my name and feel something positive, such as great respect, admiration, or awe.

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Never went to Empire, so for now is just to arrive in the place would already be great hahaha

If I may ask, because I got curious, what it means this “past life vision” that many of you want to experience? :slight_smile:

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A Past Life Vision is tied into the religion game quite heavily. Have you heard of liao, the herb that priests use to induce auras? Liao is grown by the Civil Service and very occasionally they find a variant growing - True Liao - which, when administered properly, causes you to travel back into a pivotal moment in one of your past lives. You always do this with a guide priest, who can help you remember the rules and who helps you make sense of the vision afterwards. With your consent, your vision will be recorded by the Seer in order to add to the collective knowledge of the Empire.
In order to experience this privilege, you have to either a) be chosen by the Gatekeepers (a group of priests) or b) buy a dose from the bourse (usually 20-40+ thrones). Oh, or c) be the Throne, they get one dose per event.

Out of character, you and a mate get taken into a tent, and you are given a one-off instance created just for you. It might be something that’s been inspired by something you say your character’s interested in on your backstory, it might be a bit of history - not always from the Empire! it might be something mundane but feels personal. Usually they are destined to make you feel like the protagonist in a cool story, or that you were present at an exciting event.

Getting one though… that’s hard to say with any certainty. If you can’t afford to buy one (and who can??), you need to be selected by the Gatekeepers. In general you probably need to speak to priests to get your name in the ring, but each Gatekeeper - elected by their peers annually - have their own criteria, and then usually they debate with each other as to whom of the candidates will be offered the doses.

There are usually between 2 and 5 per summit, so getting one is rare and most people don’t get to do it.


Sounds very cool! Thanks for the enlightening answer! <3

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If you’re interested in Past Life Visions, here is where you can find recorded past life visions


The Civil Service currently finds 4 doses of True Liao each summit, although this is expected to increase to 5 shortly when the Lepidean Library is constructed.

The majority of doses are used for Visions, although not all of them!

They are definitely a super-immersive experience though.


True Liao Visions are fun and will almost certainly not get you killed (to +/- 5% certainty) :slight_smile:

  • Get a hat!
  • Run some sort of establishment or service
  • Be famous or infamous for something - the guy who people seek out to ask me for a service or to ask if something is really true
  • Past life vision
  • Go out in a blazing dramatic death

Experience each nations hospitality and make connections
Watch a pit fight
Visit the library
Research for a few plans i have

I want to be a bit more social as a character (an OC reason for joining the militia,) however i seem to always struggle at the crux moment

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