+++What's Andy Listening To?+++


Why! He’s listening to the latest PD podcast : “Battles and Why They Rock”. You can find it here → http://shoutengine.com/Empirepodcast/empire-podcast-battles-33978

In it, tallest man alive Andy Connel talks about battles with Thomas E. Hancocks. Matthew Pennington is also there (and apologetic about some of the sound quality). Why not listen to it on the way to work? And if you want to chat about it, remember you can find out forums in the usual place (https://forums.profounddecisions.co.uk/)

Oh and once you’re done listening, don’t forget to check back here for Winds of War which are scheduled to start going up on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks again to Ian Horne for editing it and that. I think our next chat is possibly about Economics, but I’m not sure if we’ll be doing that before E1 or after. I’m bleeding from the ears already in anticipation!