What's your bling!


Following the Raid on Dubhtraig elaborate jewellery of all kinds and quantities appears to be in.

So share your jewellery with us :slight_smile:

To share pictures, download them if they’re on FB and then just click the upload button upload.


I’ve just ordered this to help hold my cloak together and commemorate the the Dubhtraig Raid :slight_smile: .


Its a shame I cant really join it to this. I was too busy trying to get some synod support and forgot to change to a military unit.


Hey @Mr_Haystacks this thread is for jewellery of all kinds, it doesn’t need to be liberated from the Grendel, so don’t let that hold you back :slight_smile: .


My Contribution to Dubhtraig specific bling,


And in the wider world of Empire specific bling,


You could always have BOUGHT some ex grendel bling. I mean, somebody must have, the rings don’t spontaneously generate out of thin air


This is Eleri’s ridiculous party necklace- aiming to show that Navarr are allowed OTT pretty things in the right circumstances! Solid bronze and anodised niobium, made by the excellent Jekri of FractalRaptor Maille. https://www.facebook.com/FractalRaptorMaille

That one wasn’t of Grendel origin, but I’m working on some new jewellery which was.
“Hey Eleri, nice bracelet, where did you get it?”
“Oh, my mum picked it up for me in a quaint little shop in Dubhtraig…”


My jewellery isn’t very exciting - my interesting stuff goes on my belt. Most of it is wooden sticks, as you can see. OC, it’s driftwood, but IC, it’s something else entirely (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Kahraman#Gambit).

I also have various jangly things, like the string of birds here. Also, a Red Wind Corsairs pendant because Iñez is ex-army, a ‘Broken Wheel’ pin, some colourful beads and a little turtle necklace.

Aaaaand this jangly thing here. I make a lot of noise when I walk.


I have a little hobby shop that makes Bling specifically for Empire :slight_smile:


Steinr bling on the old character. Photo by Oliver Facey


This is good incentive - I definitely need more bling (Varushkan style, so more like “stuff accompanying costume” than actual bling!), and I’m definitely tempted by one of those Victory of Dubhtraig badges…!


I also have a hobby shop that makes chainmail jewellery - some is very Empire orientated, including Wintermark 3 ring pendants. http://Unchained.Design (or @UnchainedDesign on Instagram and Facebook!)


I have been learning to hand forge jewellery from copper and brass. Still learning, but expect to see some stock for sale IC at E1. I am happy to try new things and/or custom pieces. photos are from my first attempts.


A simple cord to show of a ring plucked from the fingers of a Grendel captain.


Nothing remarkable…


Slightly different front to the Grendel bling, but more military inspired bling.


When the result came out I was literally about to go out the door for the Pledge Ball, so I raided my costume jewellery box. The fake pearls were my favourite bit, but I also added in a tacky ‘gold’ necklace. However, I found that both the pearl necklaces were a bit too short to look good around my neck; thus one of them was hung from my belt and I cheated with the other by pinning it to the inside of my waffenrock.